10+ Online Most Common Slang Words Used Everyday In 2020

online most common slang words used everyday

Online or internet has arrived a really long way since the ’90s. And then for tremendous changes seems a lot of slang that occasionally makes it nearly impossible for one to connect efficiently with the others which can be well versed in the internet slang section. Internet-based slang has grown such a major element of our everyday lifestyle that we apply it even in real-life discussions. So without further ado, here’s a listing of the Online most used slang’s/phrases that gone popular all over the web platform. Here, we will discuss 10+ online most common slang words used everyday in 2020. SO, let’s get into the discussion on these life-changing words!

10+ Online Most Common Slang Words Used Everyday In 2020

We’ve all grown accustomed to the online slang, acronyms that have developed over the years in the era of the internet. Moreover, it is more interesting how the pre-internet era’s slang like LOL took a new meaning (Laughing Out Loud) in modern times of internet idioms. Below, we are providing at least 12 slang that got much popularity. Now, let’s get the discussion on online most common slang words used everyday.

1. Bae: babe/before anyone else

Bae is actually a term of endearment. This word widely used as “African-American” people. Moreover, this word came into the light mainly in 2013 and 2014 through social media and hip-hop song lyrics. The originality of Bae is “babe” or “baby”. Besides, this word actually refers to romantic interests like boyfriend or girlfriend. Here, we are giving you an example – “Bae – you’re the best“. Such cool words! Isn’t it!

2. DM: Direct Message

It means “Direct Message” this is Twitter’s direct message feature which usually allows you to send out and get messages without the glare of the public. This comes in seriously useful if you are planning to express anything sweet or naughty to someone else or even two persons. The use of the acronym DM has become just as great as the usage of PM (Personal Message/Private Message). It’s surely one of the most slang words used in everyday.

online most common slang words used everyday
Bae is for the people who involved romantically!

3. FML: F**k My Life

This slang has become really useful if you just simply suffered an unfortunate condition and you looking for a way to share your dissatisfaction. The earliest known concept of FML was submitted on the Urban dictionary in May 2005. But the expression had become mainstream with the success of Judd Apatow’s very funny film “Superbad”. Its frequent usage did not start growing till 2009 when a blog page started out a forum for visitors to drop real-life “FML” stories. FML went very popular and become one of the online most common slang words used everyday.

online most common slang words used everyday
Some slangs are starting through Hollywood films

4. Facepalm: short for “ugh. Idiot”

When your palm instinctively hits your face or forehead as a reaction to someone’s supposed “stupidity”. Facepalm is what that entire action is called. It can be used to convey feelings of unbelief, disappointment, dismay, sarcasm, embarrassment, disapproval, or ridicule. This is surely one of the most commonly used slang words.

According to Macmillan Dictionary, the term “facepalm” first made its appearance in 2006 although there is another source claiming the earliest citation of “facepalm”, happened in 2001. The word is often surrounded with asterisks or between square brackets – *facepalm* or [facepalm] – to separate the gesture from other words in a post.

5. IRL: In Real Life

The internet is a virtual place where a whole other persona exists. People use it to separate their real lives and what’s happening in it from their online personalities. The use of IRL is simply placing emphasis on the disconnection users feel from the life they have on the internet and the one they actually live, you know, IRL.

online most common slang words used everyday
Slangs are part in modern times

6. Selfie: short for “self-portrait picture”

This is basically a picture you take of yourself with an intention – in most cases – to upload it online for views and likes. In this case, the subject of the picture is also the photographer. although it didn’t get momentum until 2013, it’s the earliest use can be traced back to 2002 when it was used by a drunken Australian. To show how far it has come, Selfie, was Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013.

7. WYD: What You Doing

The present tense of “what you been doing?”. It is a question most commonly used on social media platforms and texting. It is commonly used to express feelings of curiosity & confusion. Sometimes, it is used in rhetoric and sarcastic form. Although not very popular, WYD can also be used as a hashtag – #WYD. WYD typically starts a conversation. It sometimes indicates that one wants to suggest a plan to hang out. WYD has become one of the online most common slang words used everyday.

8. Take the L: Short for “Take the Loss”

Taking the L means accepting your failure. In this case, you take an L if you say or do something profoundly stupid/dumb, flunk a test, get robbed/beaten up, being dumped, try to sound intelligent but are proved wrong or if you lose your money through unacceptable business schemes. It became really popular for some reason and it seems it will enjoy a few more years on the streets of the internet.

9. MVP: Most Valuable Player

This term’s used mostly in sports but unfortunately, it was hijacked by internet users and almost everyone in every field is regarded as the “real” MVP as long as they did something considered awesome to a certain group of people in the world.

10. Dafuq: (What) the F**k?

Dafuq looks like a legitimate word, doesn’t it? I assure you it isn’t. It is just another way the internet says WTF. It is mostly used to convey confusion in but it can also be used when you’re feeling disturbed, angry, disgusted, scared or surprised. It started in 2009 as an Ebonics used in the stead of “what the f**k”. It’s one of the most commonly used slang words among young gens.

11. Extra

If somebody’s extra, it clearly means they’re notable or dramatic. The real means is that people usually or indirectly tries to undermine somebody with such a word.

Here, we are giving you more examples of slangs which are surely online most commonly used slang words everyday. Let’s check it out –

TBH/TBFH: To Be HonestTBFH/To be F**coming Honest
IMO: In my Opinion
ICYMI: In Case You Missed It
IDGAF: I Don’t Give a F**k
Legit: short for “legitimate”
MIRL: Me In Real Life
NSFW: Not Safe For Work
HMU: Hit Me Up
WCW/MCM: Woman Crush Wednesday/Man Crush Mondays.
Netflix and Chill: a subtle way of inviting someone over with the intention of getting on their pants later on. Quite similar to a booty call but misleading.
Trolling: the art of deliberately upsetting someone.

What did I leave out?

This is in no way an exhaustive list of the most commonly used Internet slangs, so tell me what I left out. What acronym, word or phrase did you come across recently that made you look it up online?

Final Words
Over the course of the time, the term “slang” has changed so much. Right now, young gens are not seeing it as ugly. Nowadays, it becomes a part of life due to the excessive use of social media. These slangs aren’t branded as inappropriate or poor grammar any longer. Besides, this is how actually this earth works. This is how everything going on as every part of this world evolves eventually. Things are pretty much the same for the language. The new words will be added in the dictionary and the old ones will get disappear.

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