7+Greatest actors of all time

7+Greatest actors of all time

It’s actually very difficult to make a judgment about the greatest actors of all time. It’s actually quite impossible. After all, the performances come from different angles, era, genre, style of film making. It’s definitely not easy to judge a great action role against a great drama role. The two roles are different. Maybe, one actor puts on a great performance in love story while another put on a great show on a war film.

Yet, acting doesn’t vary on such things as War Vs Drama or Romantic Vs Action. If we closely look at the history of films we can see it’s been changing regularly since its beginning. Many stars who rose to their stardom in the silent era failed to make impress when the sound era incepted.

So, it is very clear to see that the final assumption to make a list of the greatest actors of all time- is almost an impossible task. But, there’s still some systematic way to do that. In order to find out the greatest actors of all time, we can follow some criteria on the basis of their acting ability on different roles, their styles, their performances. Many top actors might not be on the list, but this is life! This list is purely based on lots of critics, box office reports and the influence these actors put in their time. Here we go!

Who are those greatest actors of all time ! Let’s jump into it-

1. Marlon Brando

It’s not easy to describe the genuineness of great Marlon Brando. He rose to the stardom during the early 50’s era and his legacy continued to the mid-’70s. In the 70’s he was a remarkable figure & we kept him in the best actors of the all-time charts. He has sound skills in Acting, Versatility, Role Transformation.

Marlon Brando one of the best actor in the world
Marlon Brando one of the best actor in the world

He almost put the world at his feet during this golden time. Films such as ‘’On the waterfront’’, ‘’Apocalypse Now’’, ‘’The Godfather’’ etc. few names of his acting charisma. Brando sets a diamond bar for the generation to come. He was more than an actor. He created something out worldly that the most talented actor can try and succeed in a lifetime. He is second to none, the great of the great. Hats off to Sir Brando!

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2. Robert De Niro:

Robert De Niro is another enigmatic phenomenon in filmdom. In terms of making the scene much more viable and real – his contribution is beyond any words.

Robert De Niro | Greatest actors of all time
Robert De Niro | greatest actors of all time

He has had two great runs in the ’70s and ’90s. It’s sad to see his career is now at a dim and he’s acting in bad films for the past one and half decades but he was at his best in his prime. His most lethal thing is he knows how to break in a character easily. For example – he did extremely hard work to transform his body in ‘’Raging Bull’’ researched mannerisms of his role in ‘’Goodfellas’’ down to how he would contain a catsup bottle. However, his acting in Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” gets praised from every corner of the world.

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3. Jack Nicholson:

Most probably the most unpredictable, thrilling actor Hollywood ever got. Nobody has the ability to predict what he will do.

Jack Nicholson | best actors of all time
Jack Nicholson | greatest actors of all time

He just does things as he wishes and it becomes phenomenal! That’s what he is! This man was so unpredictable in everything. He could be a funny person at one time and the angriest one after a few moments. He had the ability to exhibit a huge range of different emotions, styles within his characters. He also had the ability to add depth to his character.

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4. Al Pacino :

One of the few actors who won an Oscar, Emmy and Tony awards for his performance. Born from the wombs of Italian-American parents, Al Pacino’s career hit on high on two occasions. He had two incredible runs in the ’70s and ’80s. His role at The Godfather’s Michael Corleone is widely recognized as one of the greatest screen presence in film’s history. He is very effective in bringing intensiveness powerful command on the screen. Apart from the Godfather trilogy his acting greatness also showed at films like ‘’Dog Day Afternoon’’, ‘’Scarface’’ etc. He also has had an extensive career on stage. His next project is Quentin Tarantino’s ‘’Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’’ and Martin Scorsese’s ‘’The Irishman’’.

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5. Daniel Day-Lewis

Not a single actor in Hollywood’s history gone like a huge spell for the sake of staying in role. When it’s come to the dedication, he is almost second to none.

Daniel Day-Lewis | most popular actor in the world
Daniel Day-Lewis | most popular actor in the world

He don’t have too many films under his names but his classiness in picking the character and his full-fledge dedication to transform into the character is something beyond of our thinking.

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6. Dustin Hoffman :

If you look closely at his acting, the most beautiful thing you can see that he can adjust in a role so naturally.

Dustin Hoffman | Once best actor in the world
Dustin Hoffman | greatest actors of all time

Maybe, acting is his god-given virtue. His films like ‘’Tootsie’’ and ‘’Rain Man’’ are the biggest proof of that. He played those typical roles like those roles were made for him. So natural, so real.

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7. Tom Hanks:

If anyone ever thinks about the most purest movie star ever born; Tom Hanks is the first name comes up to his mind. One actor who can carry an entire film on his shoulder.

tom hanks best movies
Tom hanks -one of the best actor of all time

Every time his presence on-screen means you’re breathing a fresh breath. He is that enigmatic, freshening, quintessential. Nearly every films of him got cult status and define something. Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, Forest Gump, Sleepless in Seattle, he nailed almost every of his films.

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8. Anthony Hopkins :

A true master of acting ability. He is well known for his preparation for a role. His dedication to acting is highly regarded.

Anthony Hopkins-most popular actor in the world
Anthony Hopkins-Ex. greatest actors of all time

He can give 200 shots for a line until it makes him happy. In order to remember the lines, he often memorize the Shakespeare poetry to keep his memory freshen. This is Sir Anthony Hopkins.

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9. Laurence Olivier – A genius dramatic actor of the stage. In the golden era of Hollywood, nobody could put on a performance like him in Shakespeare’s play. There was nobody finer than him. It is still so much matter of sad that he never won a single Oscar for his powerful performances. Though he later received an honorary prize in 1979 it was actually too late to recognize his greatness. Here we are sharing a transformation From 3 To 82 Years Old


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10. Denzel Washington :

Whether it main role or supporting role, this guy always strive for his best.

Denzel Washington | best actors of all time
Denzel Washington |greatest actors of all time

He’s extremely focused on his character and gives his best to portray it on screen. It doesn’t matter wherever you see him on action scene or drama scene, he’s always command the screen with his sharp acting ability.

In addition, it’s not so easy to compare a generation to another generation. However, we tried our best to show you a glimpse of which actors have the most talents over the generation. So, what do you think about our list? Do you have another opinion? Feel free to share and comment below.

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