12 of the best colleges for engineering in the world

12 of the best colleges for engineering in the world

The field of engineering has existed as a career since the beginning of time. Anything that required the design and application of knowledge required engineers. This is the reason why it is among the most sought-after professions for students. It is subject to a huge demand for engineers in the marketplace, which has led to the creation of thousands of universities worldwide. Today, we’re going to talk about the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in The World. So let’s get started.

12 of the best colleges for engineering in the world are :

12. ETH-Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, also known as ETH-Zurich, is a university located in Zurich, Germany, which specializes in the field of Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering. It was established in 1854. Since then, it has always been among the top institutions for science and engineering. A number of its students, 21 to be exact was awarded the Nobel Prize. One of the most well-known students was the pioneer of modern physics, Albert Einstein. The university has two large campuses, houses 25,000 researchers and working students, making it feel like a small town in the sense. The acceptance rate of the university is around 27%.

11. Shanghai Jiao Tong University

best colleges for engineering in the world
Shanghai Jiao Tong University-best colleges for engineering in the world

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the most prestigious public universities located in Shanghai, China Founded in 1896, the university is among the most highly regarded universities in China as well. The primary language used for instruction is Mandarin as increasing numbers of undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered in English or in collaboration by international institutions. The numerous campuses of the university in Shanghai contain a vast arena, with a variety of tennis courts, badminton courts, courts for basketball cafes, bookstores, canteens and eateries.

10. Imperial College London

Imperial College is a highly prestigious college that is ranked as the most innovative college in Europe. It was established in 1851 and is equipped to provide education in engineering, science, business, medicine, and business. It boasts a long line of notable alumni which includes 15 Nobel Laureates. The colleges are spread throughout the city, but its main campus is located in central London, close to South Kensington. It is a famous institution with an acceptance rate of 14.3%.

9. Aalborg University

Aalborg University (AAU), located in three major cities in Denmark and offers a vast selection of English-taught bachelor master and bachelor programs. AAU has offered students academic excellence, engagement in culture and personal growth since its beginning around 1974. Despite being a relatively new school, AAU is already ranked as one of the top and most recognized international universities around the world.

top colleges in the world-Aalborg University
Aalborg University | cone of the top colleges in the world

AAU is determined to improve its standing by continuously setting new standards to ensure an enlightened learning curve. In recent times, AAU has moved up the world’s rankings of universities. A majority of rankings lists include AAU as the top school, and AAU is therefore placed in the top 2percent of 17,000 universities around the globe.

8. National University of Singapore

In 1905, The National University of Singapore was founded. It is located in an urban area with the largest campus of 0.58 square miles. It was initially designed for medical science, but it has also been providing engineering courses. It is one of the most reputed university that has been listed among the best 10 universities many times. It is difficult to get into top engineering programs like mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, and grades can be a big factor.


7. University of Oxford

Top 10 Engineering Colleges In The World

This is among the most prestigious universities around the world. It is, therefore, so old that its founding date isn’t yet clear, but teaching dates to 1096 A.D. it is the most prestigious university offering some of the world’s most well-known and longest-running scholarships ever offered, The Rhodes Scholarship. The university is home to 38 colleges that are found all over all of Oxford, England. Furthermore, it’s difficult to get a chance to study there because its acceptance rate is 17.5%.

6.Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University was founded in 1981 in Singapore and is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It comprises eight colleges and schools under it that offer courses in medical, engineering, business, and more. It has a huge campus that covers around 490 acres. It has been recognized as among the top 10 universities many times. It assists students financially and covers around 27% of the tuition fees. The acceptance rate is around 20-30% and has been ranked among top engineering colleges.

5. University of California, Berkeley

Top 10 Engineering Colleges In The World

The University of California, Berkeley was established in 1868 in Berkeley, California, making it one of the oldest institutions in California. It is the most prestigious research university in the world. It has a campus that covers around 178 acres. It also has approximately 6700 acres of land to its name. It has about 40,000 students. They have a rich history and present and boast an impressive number of alumni and faculty, including at least the Nobel Prize winners, who are 93. Their acceptance rate is about 17.5 %. It is essential to dedicate much time to getting ready for the entrance exams for those who want to get into this college because it is one of the top engineering colleges in The World.


4. University of Cambridge

college rankings engineering
University of Cambridge | college rankings engineering

The University of Cambridge was established in 1209 and it is the second oldest university in the world. It has 31 colleges under its name. It also has the second-largest publishing house for universities and is one of the longest-running publishing houses in existence. It has a rich tradition of producing notable alumni. Here’s a question for you. Have you heard the name of Sir Isaac Newton? We’re sure you’ve heard of him! He was a student at this famous university. Famous scientists such as Stephen Hawkins and Ramanujan are among the notable graduates of the university. It has an acceptance rate of 21% and certainly requires enormous effort to achieve that. This is why it is no surprise that the University of Cambridge is one of the top universities in the world.

3. Stanford University

Top 10 Engineering Colleges In The World

Stanford University is one of the most famous universities in the world with respect to academic excellence as well as wealth. It was founded in the year 1891 and is now focused on research. It has a high achievement rate among its students, some of whom have created companies with a total annual revenue that is around $2.7 trillion. The university also boasts an impressive collection of alumni and faculty, of which 64 Nobel Laureates are present. The entire institution is situated on an expansive 8,180-acre property and is has approximately 16000 students. The high level of student selection has resulted in just a 4.8% acceptance rate.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Engg.college ranking
MIT- List of Engg.college ranking

MIT is a private university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that specializes in the research field. The research field of Massachusetts is so extensive. The prestige of MIT is simply staggering. It was founded in 1861 to help and adapt to the rapid growth of industrialization in the country (USA). It is often considered one of the most prestigious universities. It has a prestigious faculty that includes more than 87 Nobel laureates as well as a large campus of an area of 168 acres. If you’re thinking of getting into this famous world-class institution, then you must have serious dedication and determination, topped off with some luck because the acceptance rate of this institution is about 8.8%!  

1. Tsinghua University

It’s a great idea to start your list with China as one of the most advanced countries in technological and scientific advancement. Tsinghua University is a reputable institution located within Beijing, China, and is among the C9 League universities in China. Its campus covers of 980 acres (like an entire town). It has outperformed MIT in the research and achievement field with regards to engineering. The acceptance rate of the university is among the lowest in the world. The entrance exams are very difficult.

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