10 of The best handgun in the world – best handgun brands

10 of The best handgun in the world - best handgun brands

Even if you’re not a gun fan, you would at least admire the beauty of it all around. Not everybody is a fan of weapons, but here I believe it would appeal more to the men who know and have understood the century-old legacy of gunsmithing, guns and how they’ve evolved and have been a timeless masterpiece as well as the most innovative things ever made in terms of modern warfare, etc. While machine guns are rather too large and highly conspicuous, one would at least be able to carry a concealed Handgun somewhere, somehow either broken down in parts and reassembled later or just as it is while cleverly hidden away from the direct naked eye. Below is a list of the 10 of The best handgun in the world – the best handgun brands ever created, inspected, and fired. All have been compiled based on firepower, style, popularity, and various other factors.

The best handgun in the world – best handgun brands-

10. CZ_75

The best handgun in the world - best handgun brands
CZ 75| One of the best handgun in the world

To break down the acronym of what ‘CZ’ actually stands for, it means Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod (CZUB) and is manufactured by the Czech Republic. The gun’s design is truly unique and the framework is well-chiseled as well as created very thin to be held with optimal grip and feel overall. The CZ .75 has an increased magazine capacity which allows a double stack of bullets all at once which eventually results in more shots per magazine change and that’s what we want when it comes to a gun, to fire as many shots before having to switch to the next loaded magazine full. With the CZ .75, you’re definitely getting more out of a single-feed magazine than the rest. The barrel is somewhat overly thinned out and making it more lightweight as well easier to carry, quicker to pull out and use as well seeing that the weight of a barrel on a handgun can determine whether the gun gets pulled down or not when you pull it out for use. The weight of the barrel will determine how quickly you can use a gun without it bringing your whole hand posture down a bit.

9. Colt .45 Revolver

Colt .45 is one of the top 10 handguns ever created. It is surely a timeless masterpiece and more commonly known in the western era of where sheriffs and horses would run the place. The elongated design of the barrel and the curved grip most definitely have the feel of a true westerner or cowboy.

The .45 Colt has been one of the most favored amongst all seeing that over its timeline, it’s seen newer shapes and grips as well as barrel changes which resulted in creating desire upon new purchases or keeping a collection too if they are lucky enough to find these rare beauties around nowadays. Overall, despite the constant changes in its shape, the colt has never failed to maintain its classic appearance and shape which was one of the distinctive features that make this classic beauty so well known to gun enthusiasts and even as a neat prop in Hollywood as well. Colt .45 as a revolver is one of if not the oldest revolver ever made and used and has been the single action army pistol of many wars since the 1800s also.

8. Beretta 92FS

Beretta 92FS (right)

At number 8th position among the top 10 handguns ever created is the Beretta 92 which is actually Italian designed and crafted and also happened to be one of the common handguns ever to be purchased and used as well-favored by many others, then It being a standard-issue to certain special forces and passing military specifications as a reliable sidearm as well. The barrel of this beauty can be seen on the outside of the top part of the gun in plain sight and looks much better when the slide is pulled back as well as you can see a recoil rod at the bottom and the barrel tip above it. Beretta 92 FS, feels more like a muscular gun with veins popping and bodybuilding due to the number of curves, wedges, ridges, and inner as well as outer beveled parts there are to it. Beretta 92FS boast’s a long safety that can be easier to pull down when in need and also to flick back up and is positioned right at the top of which one’s thumb would be easy access. With regards to 9MM’s are concerned, this is one of the most common of them, and packs a lot of heat to allowing 15 Rounds per magazine before the next change and now 15 Rounds is enough per 9MM round to cause a lot of trouble anywhere, anytime. The gun comes in silver which is highly polished or most commonly in non-reflective black coating and has features to allow a suppressor/silencer at the end of the barrel or a compensator too. As ‘far’ as Beretta silencers would go, they are long enough to ensure as much silence as possible per shot. Made in Italy, it’s also highly favored by hitmen of the Mafia in order to silently kill their targets.

7. Walther PPK (James Bond Gun)

Yes, you’ve guessed it and I’m sure that you’ve already pictured or imagined the type of Walther PPK in mind when it comes to a ‘James Bond’s gun. Throughout various scenes and sub-movie titles of the 007 James Bond series, he can be seen using and favoring the Walther PPK above the rest that his gadget supplier would occasionally offer him as an upgrade to his spy tech and weapons. Walther PPK is the perfect sized gun to pack a .380ACP round or two or three from a far distance yet still making the shot overall to save one’s life. Here, Walther PPK takes the term ‘handgun’ to a literal level, hence making it one of the greatest things about it. The thing about it which can be seen instantly and making it one of the Top Handguns ever created is since it’s very very easy to conceal almost every reasonable place in a human body with clothes on and a holster of course and not what you’re thinking. IIts compact design and because it literally fits your palm in its full length is somewhat what it’s legendarily known for. Having a small gun of that cute and ‘carryable anywhere’ sized gun but with the capabilities of firing quite a powerful shot enough to drop a target is beautiful as the design of the gun is. Size matters yes, but don’t pick on the Lil guy as it could save your life while your Bigger sized pistol starts revealing itself to unexpected and unwanted eyes. The PPK will also fit .22 LR rounds which will save you a lot on ammunition too.

6. Browning High-Power

Browning High-Power | best handgun ever made
Browning High-Power | best handgun ever made

Browning isn’t only known for its Machine guns which have been used through several World Wars etc. Browning also happened to have a history of creating some beautifully crafted pistols which are in the same paralleled range as some of the greatest on the market, if not overtaking them by a few notch of added features to it. The Browning High – Power pistol on the other hand has a thin barrel and slides like some others out there but is more aesthetic in its design overall which adds a lighter weight at the end, making it easier to carry and therefore increasing the efficiency of the weapon altogether. The looks of the Browning High-Power are beautiful and appealing to gun enthusiasts also and somewhat of a fancy to the average Joe to hold and to have the feel of it as well. Introduced in the early 20th century, BHP can be considered as yet another timeless classic piece packing a combination of firepower, great handling, grip, amazing feel, and a 9MM 13 Round capacity too which is an amazing pistol overall as the ‘high-power’ title would suggest, it is no doubt exactly as packaged and advertised or llabeled Browning has made some wonderful guns in weapon history and this can be considered as one of his greatest to the recent collection. The browning High – Power boasts .40 Caliber powerhouse to its name! And it’s often underestimated of its performing ability.

5. Sig P226

Sig Sauer pistols are definitely one of a kind and similar in design to the CZ as well as the Browning High power yet with a twisted blend of a more optimized design aiding in the name of reaching the true performance potential as far as a handgun is considered. There is a huge demand for firepower from weapons and people appeal more to the design of one also when taking into consideration what to buy and what not to etc. As with anything, it’s always how stuff on the outside appears which influences most of our buying decisions, and the Sig P226 is definitely appealing in looks as well as satisfying in its delivering capabilities of power shots too.

In case you haven’t known of this, the Sig P226 has been specially designed for the United States Army and carried by United States Navy Seals and several other law enforcement specialists worldwide also. This ought to speak for itself about the quality of handgun we’re talking about. There is a variety of Sig Sauer’s made ever since the first of its production along with different models and calibers, each having a unique ability to perform in a certain manner. In this case, the Sig P226 is a high-class pistol in every sense of its production and features which includes its cleverly incorporated safety feature which is embedded behind the grip itself. This is certainly a handgun, built for brilliance and accuracy too.

4. Glock 17

Glock 71 | The best handgun in the world - best handgun brands
Glock 71 | The best handgun in the world – best handgun brands

Here talking about a Glock! Not just any Glock, but a Glock 17, one of the most compact guns out there but with an immense amount of firepower overall the rest, making it one of the best in its wide variety range in production and also happened to be used by various militants and other law enforcing members around the globe. One of the best handguns out there and pricy too for several reasons but definitely for all your money’s worth. If however your Glock was supplied by whichever law enforcement entity you represent, then do take advantage of its hospitality. Glock, in general, has a rubbery embedded material that is over the metal coating and frame which gives you optimal grip around the entire gun which prevents slipping off at any costs from your hands, once it’s in your hands, it basically becomes a part of your palm. Its strong grippy and rubbery design embedment certainly increases accuracy as you can be able to firmly hold the gun, pull it out, wave it around in its perfect weight which is built-in to sure the best handling of the pistol ALL the time, every time. You cannot go wrong in terms of missing your target when a Glock is involved. As a 9MM pistol, it can hold a 17 round magazine capacity, and also with it being semi-automatic, you are safely able to pack 17 slugs at a time in those emergency, high–pressure situations which again makes it fit for the Law Enforcement environment. Being double action in a Glock pistol is an added advantage.

3. Desert Eagle .50

This is a ‘tough gun’ decision to make round about this point of compiling this list of Top 10 handguns because now we’re spoilt for choice and is in the line of where competition between the next following handguns becomes tight to compare as well as to rank. Each of them has its advantages which is a disadvantage to the other and vice versa which makes it better than the other two. Nevertheless, the Dessert Eagle .50 Caliber is exactly what it sets out to be and that’s a more luxurious gun to have. The triangular barrel end design of this monster or skull splitter is revolutionary and exclusive only to this specific handgun. Here we’re talking about pure heavy-duty performance and a major power in your hands, enough of one shot to blow a few strong things to splits, bits, and tiny piece++s, that’s the power of a one-round .50 Cal from a Desert Eagle. The design of the Desert Eagle is truly beautiful all the way and especially when it’s chrome silver plated matt black, or a very rare sometimes shiny gold finish which has around about the effect on the eyes and the desire of every gun enthusiast’s heart. Desert Eagle .50 is a killer weapon of mass murder type of collateral damage and worse if fired at a human body enough to be able to split a human head in two if fired at a person for the kill. An attachment of a flashlight, as well as a high-power red dot sight on top, can also be fitted which is awesome if needed to be used at night. If you look closely at the gun at the tabletop view, you would closely notice from the trigger going upwards to the hammer, it is actually shaped similar to the Eagle bird’s eye and beak. The verdict of a .50 desert eagle power shot is that even your bulletproof wouldn’t be “bulletproof” very long if stunned with one of its .50 Cal slugs and in this case giving you a hectic sting!

2. Smith & Wesson .50 Cal

Smith & Wesson Model series | most powerful pistols
Smith & Wesson Model series (.50 Caliber) | A most powerful pistols

Smith & Wesson Revolver is definitely a better .50 Caliber than the Dessert Eagle .50 Caliber seeing that its extremely long barrel length is what gives the bullet better accuracy than any other handgun created. This isn’t the type of revolver that you holster around your waste seeing that it’s too long to carry around like a sidearm. This one however is to be used on a bi-pod as it needs to rest its long barrel for more stability and steadiness of the powerful .50 Cal shot. Doing so, you can turn your handgun, Smith & Wesson .50 Cal revolver into a miniature sniper gun with just the same amount if not more than a sniper rifle’s power. While .50 Cal power per shot isn’t the only thing that breeds life into this reholster (Revolver Monster), another thing that makes it so wonderful and exotic too as a handgun is that it’s highly flexible and versatile in its features of allowing the connection of a bi-pod and a high powered scope to it as well as several other accessories to it. Not every handgun would allow you such capabilities overall as the Smith & Wesson .50 revolutionary revolver would. It has also been rated the most powerful production revolver in the world today.

1. M1911 Pistol

M1911 can be considered as John Browning’s prized jewel and master creation of a handgun. I have ranked the M1911 number one on the list of Top 10 handguns ever created purely due to the known fact by several gunsmiths, soldiers, and everybody around the world as being a revolutionary pistol, something truly phenomenal also. There are just too many things about an M1911 that overshadows every other handgun and not just my opinion but by tried and tested facts of the world and its history in weaponry advancement.

Although an M1911 Pistol isn’t a .50 Caliber like the Dessert Eagle and .50 Cal Smith & Wesson revolver, it is a .45 ACP capable handgun, making it just 5 calibers less but with an immense amount more features and advantages over the rest of handguns too. Let us further break it down to the finest of its potential as a handgun over every other handgun ever created. First of all, this specific gun has a history of heritage to it in the war aspects of where the world has evolved from to where it is now.

The M1911 pistol has been designed to comply with Military specifications and has performed in exactly that duty for well over a century in its production and still produced in the same way as it was back in the early 1900s too, maintaining its unmatched classic design altogether but with today’s advancement features jam-packed into it also. T911 has been a reliable sidearm for several decades to speak and is so truly amazing for many reasons and they are as follows.

It is an automatic pistol which simply means, you pull the trigger once and hold it until it shoots all 7 rounds of its magazine capacity at once or you can use it semi-automatically. It basically becomes a mini Machine gun. The recoil feature is what allows the gun to be ‘automatic’ so geniusly designed where when one bullet is shot, it recoils and springs the slide back and front cocking it, to prepare the next bullet for the shot and when all rounds are out, it would simply blowback and stay there till you reload.

As far as grip is concerned, it’s amazing seeing that the bottom back part is checkered to fit into your palm following up a safety switch feature at the top right in the line of your thumb for the flick of the switch. M1911 is also field strippable which means you could be sitting in a barren bush somewhere and will be able to disassemble everything and put it back together. It has capabilities of fitting a silencer as well as a red dot sight and an under-barrel flashlight to it and a double safely feature which prevents accidental firing even when the safety isn’t on. The 1911 pistol is certainly the best created seeing that’s the perfect size and weight and with all the functionalities of the rest too. The best part about it is that its original design can be customized in various ways such as the grips, trigger, barrel, slide, frame, safety switch, etc.

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