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Awesome Kong -Kia Stevens

These women are the real definition of ‘’real women’’ that the reason to make this list of  wwe female wrestlers names. They basically deny the fact that women have to stay sexy all the time to get by. They are utterly tough, strong women who are heavily talented. As far as this society is progressing, women are hugely participating in professional wrestling than previous times.

Here are the best wwe female wrestlers name in the list of wrestlers of all time who defines the new nature of female beauty.

1. Manami Toyota

Manami Toyota is the most talented and glorified female wrestler ever & a great example in wwe female wrestlers industry. She’s marshaled 10-five star matches during her career.

wwe female wrestlers names -Manami Toyota
Manami Toyota is the most talented most heard wwe female wrestlers names

Her professionalism and love for athletics is enough to brand her as all time great. She used to entranced audience with high intensity and velour. She also had astonishing strength. She won her first title at the beginning of 90’s era and after that she didn’t have to look back. Manami Toyota mostly wrestled with much larger women in her career, but she didn’t have any problem performing pin point suplexes on them.

A wwe female wrestler-Manami Toyota
Manami Toyota in action during a game-

She’s such a role model to every female wrestler. Every new comer female aspiring wrestler should study her closely to gain their feet in the ring.

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2. Fabulous Moolah

Fabulous Moolah was an American professional wrestler, her ring name was ‘’The Fabulous Moolah’’. She set a very high bar for every woman to reach her level. She was considered as the ‘’greatest of all time’’ for several decades. She ruled over the ring for almost two and a half decades. She won the NWA World Women’s Championship in 1956 and was the most proficient title holder of 28 years. She is the first female wrestler who introduced into the WWE Hall of Fame. Her WWE throne lasted for 10,170 days, which is a record. She entertained people for decades with her magical wrestling prowess. She is surely an iconic wrestler for every female wrestler. Here we shared a wrestling game that she played against Jill Fontaine-

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3. Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus began her career as a fitness trainer and eventually became a successful female or lady wrestler. She is one of the most popular female wrestlers due to her glamour and she is very few wrestlers who turned into a diva.

wwe female wrestlers names- Trisha
wwe female wrestlers names- Trish Stratus

Earlier in her career, she mostly did sexually themed storyline. She was made ‘’WWE Hardcore Champion’’, ‘’WWE Babe of the Year’’. She also managed to earn ‘’Diva of the Decade’’. Her popularity increased day by day as she spent much time in the ring. During her seven years of wrestling career, she gained a stream of hardcore fans and managed to earn various awards. There are always many talented and hardworking than her, but she had a more marketable look. After retiring, she is involved in hosting television shows. She also owns a yoga studio.

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4. Aja Kong

Came from a military family, Aja Kong was a memorable force in world wrestling. Her full name is Erika Shishido but in wrestling industry she is popluarly known as Aja Kong. She ruled over Japanese wrestling for years, earned so many titles and honor in the process. She joined in WWE in the mid 90’s era. Her career took a break as she

Aja Kong-lady wrestlers
Aja Kong-lady wrestlers

broke Asari’s nose in an infamous incident. She is the founder of Arison all-women’s wrestling promotion. She earned various awards in both single and tag team divisions. Her famous battles with Bull Nakano, Manami Toyota are hugely popular among wrestling fans due to her violent and aggressive styles.

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5. Mildred Burke

One of the most professional, aggressive female wrestlers from America.

During the 1950s how was the wrestling ? Want to check please see the video then-


Her rules over the ring lasted for almost 20 years. She was the undisputed queen in ring from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s. She is a proud member of the WWE Hall of Fame as well as the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. She was an all-rounder. She used to wrestle against men, women, society. She is one of the pioneers and influential woman wrestlers of all time. Without her, female wrestling can’t be the same path as today.

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6. Lita

Another American dedicated female wrestler who shone in early 2000’s. During her six year span of career she did groundbreaking things in the ring. She was a supremely talented and exceptional wrestler. Very few American female wrestlers have the guts to wrestle in a steel cage and she is one of them. Watching her in action was like watching violent fun.

LITA-one of best wwe female wrestlers
LITA-one of best wwe female wrestlers

It’s not a matter of surprise why she was so popular among fans and still is. Her duels with another legendary female wrestler Trish Stratus produced some of the best moments of WWE history. She’s now busy with musical career and her band.

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7. Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong -Kia Stevens
Awesome Kong -Kia Stevens wwe female wrestlers names

The five times Women’s Champion and she often teamed up with another legendary wrestler Aja Kong to form the Tag team W Kong. She is an absolute beast. She has huge prowess and stamina that any opponents fear to face her. Her infamous dispute with Gail Kim was precious moments for TNA fans. She’s such a superstar and wherever she goes, she has the ability to mark her presence with her skills and off course, makes history.

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8. Sherri Martel

Sherri Martel is one of the most entertaining and proficient wrestler of all time. She joined AWA in mid-80’s era and started her professional journey towards wrestling world. In the late 80’s, she joined the WWF and held the WWF’s Women’s Championship. She made various wrestling related appearances until her death in 2007. Her intensity and professionalism was second to none. No wonder, she’s one of the best ever in the ring history.

Check a game between Sensational Sherri vs. Rockin Robin during 1980’s

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9. Chyna

She was versatile in the ring and safe to say, she was an all-rounder. She crossed almost every boundary. She was a glamour model, pornography star, wrestler, actress, and a bodybuilder. So sad her life didn’t last long due to drug overdose. Before leaving this earth, she made a legacy in female or lady wrestling. She was the first ever woman to enter the Royal Rumble and win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Chyna-one of the best wwe female wrestlers who don't exist in world
Chyna-one of the best wwe female wrestlers who don’t exist in world

Her aptitude and toughness made her a pure beast in the ring. In her short span of a career, she carved her name in wrestling history.

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10. Jaguar Yokota

One of the best ever Japanese professional female wrestlers who managed to put her name in Wrestling Hall Of Fame. She was a huge popular during 80’s era. She was so aggressive in her punch and her high-flying kick was out of the world. It’s a shame that she had to stop her career at 24 years old due to her shoulder injury. Although her short span of time she made a huge legacy in wrestling world. She went to become an incredible trainer. Manami Toyota is her student.

Shared a match between Jaguar Yokota vs Kanako Motoya-

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