13 Crazy cell phones Ever Made – weird phones

10 Most Weird Looking Phones Ever Made – Interesting Smartphones

Ever since the huge scale creation of cellphones, businesses are attempting to deliver unique and advanced cell phones to customers, but a few of them lost their position in the marketplace. Some of those extinguished cell phone brands developed several bizarre-looking and awkwardly built mobiles & even can be said -unique cell phones. Here’s the listing of the 13 Crazy cell phones-weird phones ever produced.

13 Crazy cell phones Ever Made –weird phones:-

13. LG G Flex

13 Crazy cell phones Ever Made - Weirdest phones
LG G flex 13 | Crazy cell phones Ever Made – Weirdest phones

We had plenty of great things to say regarding the LG G Flex back daily. It was an intriguing phone using a silhouette that was made to allow it to stand out from the audience. At that time we thought folks may have found it too big, too costly, and overly shaped to become hot, but it was something particular.

12. Virgin Mobile Lobster

13 Crazy cell phones Ever Made - Weirdest phones
13Vargin Mobile Lobster | Crazy cell phones Ever Made – Weirdest phones

Back in 2006, the Virgin Mobile Lobster has been a tv phone i.e. a telephone that you can watch TV on. At the moment, it may have been somewhat of a marvel, but that is so common today it is almost primitive. The Lobster needed a DAB digital recorder and the capability to watch terrestrial tv on the move. Unfortunately, getting a sign was a faff and this lobster was undercooked.

11. Pantech Pocket

2011’s Pantech Pocket has made a strangely shaped device that has the ability of a 4 inch display of displaying 600 x 800 pixels. It was fascinating, but not memorable.


Ugly android phones
Pantech | An ugly android phones


It was more of a fashion phone that was different from a standard phone during that time. It was a swiveling, circular monochrome display with an LED backlight keyboard and identical frames. It featured a browser for WAP, GPRS capacities, a vibrating display, and even voice dialing.

10. Motorola V70 (2002)

In the past 15 years ago, when the phone was launched at just $400 and included features like GPRS service and a 360deg rotating keypad, many believed that it was an innovative layout. However, as you’ve probably guessed, this design didn’t last for long but it was recognized among the most oddly designed phones of all time.

13 Crazy cell phones Ever Made - Weirdest phones
Motorola | Crazy cell phones Ever Made – Weirdest phones


9. Nokia 7600 (2003)

Nokia 7600 | One of The Weirdest phones
Nokia 7600 | One of The Weirdest phones

The phone is specially designed for the targeted clients who prefer “style”. It had a unique teardrop design and various covers that could be swapped were readily available. The numbers keys were placed around the screen. The VGA camera was of outstanding quality for its moment, yet it was not up to contemporary standards. The sleek design had its flaws, as the keys caused that the dialing and scanning can be very shocking. The layout was not only massively collapsed however, it was also one of the most weird phones in looking that time.


8. Nokia N-Gage (2003) 13 Crazy cell phones Ever Made - weird phones

Nokia often backs with another poorly designed phone that targeted especially the gamers and entices them to the form of your Game Boy Advance by adding the capabilities of a cell phone in the form of a handheld console.

But, N-Gage ended up being immediately a failure, in part due to the fact that the buttons were made to function as a phone, were not well-suited to gambling, and it was not the best layout to function as a telephone, making it one of the oddly-designed phones.

7. Samsung Serene (2005)13 Crazy cell phones Ever Made - weird phones

Samsung Serene with rounded https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serene_(phone)computer keyboard was created as a joint venture between Samsung digital, Bang & Olufsen, a firm popular because of its luxury products. It was an ugly phone the $1275 item was deemed to be a bit bizarre to be used as a phone.

6. Nokia 7280 (2004)

Nokia 7280 | One of The Weirdest phones
Nokia 7280 | One of The Weird phones

The original entry in the past of the heavyweight mobile maker Nokia. In Nokia’s”Fashion Phone” collection, it sports black, black and red style and has a display that fades into a mirror during sleep. Although the design was able to generate a buzz in the world of fashion, however, it’s now considered to be one of the most bizarre phones ever created.

5. BlackBerry Passport (2014)13 Crazy cell phones Ever Made - weird phones

BlackBerry Passport was an endeavor to make new wine work in an old wine bottle. It’s designed specifically for those who want to buy older BlackBerry phones with the most recent hardware specs. BlackBerry has succeeded in overcoming that difficult task on this remarkable phone. It’s also the most odd-looking phone currently available for sale.

4. Samsung Juke (2007) 13 Crazy cell phones Ever Made - weird phones

The goal is to make an iPhone that resembles the look of a time-worn pocket watch. This phone has a round display that is positioned in front of a camera, which connects to the trunk, as well as other important features that are needed by today’s consumers. The phone is attractive and beautiful, however, it could also be considered to be among the most bizarre phones ever.

3. Monohm Runcible (2015)

Crazy cell phones Ever Made - weird looking phones
Monohan Runcible | A Crazy cell phones Ever Made -weird-looking phones

The assumption is to create a smartphone that looks like a centuries-old pocket watch. This round-shaped phone includes a screen facing a camera to the trunk and other essential characteristics for today’s customers. The smartphone does seem distinctive and lovely, but may also be considered among the wackiest telephone of all time.

2. Haier P7 Pen Phone (2004) 

Haier P7 Pen Phone| Interesting phones Ever Made - Weirdest phones
Haier P7 Pen Phone| Interesting phones Ever Made – Weirdest phones

Is there anyone who would love a phone that can write on paper? This is the Haier pencil phone. The pencil is distinct from other pencils in that it is able in making phone calls send text messages and do everything a typical mobile phone can do. The P7 Pen Phone may not be the most successful phone, but it certainly is one of the oldest.

1. The Golden Buddha Phone (2009)13 Crazy cell phones Ever Made - weird phones

This phone is among the most expensive smartphones produced in China. It comes with genuine jade and pearl powder lacquer, as well as gold plating of 24 Karat that is the most expensive smartphone in China priced at $1,750 however, we’re still not sure who’s willing to pay that money with this bizarre product. The phone that is sacred is the winner of the most unique, bizarre and most unworthy phone that has ever been made.

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