8+ famous bollywood dancers in India

8+ famous bollywood dancers in India

Indian film industry is very popular all over the world. India has lots of stars in their industry.Some them are familiar for acting, dialogue & some for dancing. So in this content Viralupon presenting 8+ famous bollywood dancers in India whose name you should know.

1. Hrithik Roshan :

Hrithik Roshan is undoubtedly one out of the famous Bollywood dancers in India. He is touted as not only famous bollywood dancers in India but also one of the best Bollywood dancer in the world.

famous Bollywood dancers in India
Famous Bollywood dancers in India- Hrithik Roshan

There’s basically no dancing movement that he can’t do. He can perform any kinds of dance with utter perfection. He worked too hard for his success and his magical movements. Since the magic of ‘’Kaho na Pyaar hai’’ Bollywood gets such a perfect superstar. A great talented actor, Greek God looking, astounding dancing ability, fabulous personality, this guy almost has it all.

One of the great performance by Hrithik Roshan live stage dance on 2016 that touches everyone heart. Please see for a while-

Hrithik Roshan’s dancing ability just getting better with ages. His stupendous and mesmerizing skills got to appreciate globally.

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2. Prabhu Deva :

Prabhu Deva is a not only a dancer but also choreographer and director. He is such a genuinely talented dancer who gives so much memorable dancing movement in the Bollywood film industry.

Prabhu Deva-Indian best choreographer
Prabhu Deva- one of the best out of famous Bollywood Dancers in india

Prabhu Deva already received ‘’National Best Choreographer’’ award more than once. Prabhu Deva already entertained a huge amount of people with his exceptional dancing skills and marvelous movements. He is touted as Indian ‘’Michael Jackson’’ for his beguiling dancing ability. ‘’K Sera Sera’’, ‘’Mukabala’’, ‘’Main Aisa Kyon Hoon’’ etc. are few names of his superb work. Prabhu Deva is such a supreme Bollywood dancer who got the ability to entertain people with his magic.

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3. Shahid Kapoor :

Shahid Kapoor is one of the superstar in Bollywood who got a cute and sweet face along with spectacular dancing ability. He was trained by famous dancing teacher Shiamak Devar and did so many astonishing performances which drove the audience crazy.

One of the best dancer in Bollywood
Famous Bollywood Dancer in India- Shahid Kapoor

He got more reputation as a dancer more than as an actor. Before making his feet on bollywood as an actor, he showed some his movements in Subhash Ghai’s romantic musical ‘’Taal’’ as a backdrop dancer. He got the capability to enthrall audience with his charming and super cool movements. He also did several tribute to King Of Pop ‘’Michael Jackson’’.

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4. Govinda :

(famous Bollywood dancers in India during 1995-2010)

Govinda, one of the most talented and gorgeous dancing ability actor in Bollywood film industry. He can enthrall mass with his energetic and stupendous movements.

famous bollywood dancers- Gavinda
famous bollywood dancers in India- Gavinda

There are manypeople who claimed they just love to watch him dance. His super cool and quirky dancing style is very much popular among masses. It’s no wonder he was the ‘’dancing king’’ in 90’s era.

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5. Salman Khan :

The man who is probably the best ‘’trendsetter’’ in Bollywood. After starting his glittering career in 90’s he brought some specific and exceptional dancing skills. Holding a belt and move it with quirky way or pulling the collar up and dancing it right and left, Salman does every amusing thing! He gave some memorable, magical movements to audiences for years and everything he do audience take it with an open heart.

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6. Shahrukh Khan :

Shahrukh Khan is widely known as the ‘’King of Romance’’. He already showed his vast acting skills in his movies. He also showed his good dancing skills.

Famous bollywood dancers in India
Famous Bollywood dancers in India -Sharukh Khan

He doesn’t use typical or complex dancing skills. He is more willing to stick with his simple steps he used to show to the audience. His main strength is showing his romantic expression in his dance.

Here we are sharing one of the live dancing performance by the legend Shahrukh Khan. During 2005 on the ZEE CINE AWARDS. Please see this amazing dance & song what will definitely make you charm!

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7. Tiger Shroff  (Rising famous bollywood dancers in India)

The handsome hunk is slowly emerging as the next ‘’Hrithik Roshan’’ of Bollywood as well as believed as one of bollywood best dance of 20th century. He is already hyped as a great dancer and also getting lots of accolades for that.

A famous bollywood dancers in India
A famous bollywood dancers in India-Tiger Shroff 
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8. Varun Dhawan :

Varun Dhawan – the talented son of famous director David Dhawan already made his mark in Bollywood. Many critics are saying he has the potential to be the next Salman Khan. Well, time will tell that. But, apart from his great acting ability, he is also a great dancer. He got various astonishing moves which already enthralled audience. He showed his astounding dancing ability in lots of live performances and films like ‘’Student of the year’’, ‘’ABCD 2’’, ‘’Judwaa 2’’.

Here Viralupon shared Varun one of a dance performance that he did on 2018 during an award show-


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9. Ranbir Kapoor :

Ranbir Kapoor has dancing skills in his genes. His father, his grandparents and almost most of Kapoor khandan people got amazing dancing skills. Ranbir is no different and he showed it many times.

So dear mates we hope you most probably apprecaite our this list of  Bollywood best dancer & the name of all time bollywood best dancer  names. If there any furthur addition needed here. Just knock us through the comment.

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