10 Interesting facts about the internet

10 Interesting facts about the internet

Today I will be sharing with you 10 Interesting facts about the internet that may make you astonished. Even these facts also made me astonished too while I studying. So let’s jump into the content-

10 Interesting facts about the internet are-

1) Number of internet users:

Many of us use the internet and know that it is essential. But does anyone know how fast the number of internet users is increasing?
In 2002, the number of Internet users was only 600 million, and now it stands at 2.2 billion. It has increased by about 367% in a decade.
Could you imagine how much it will be in the future? Maybe one day people will call someone only “Mad” who doesn’t have or use the internet. 😛

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2) A surprising truth about Facebook:

We all presses Facebook thumps up 👍 in pictures and statuses on Facebook. But do we know how many likes are clicking every day? Currently, the number of active users of Facebook is 1.73 billion per day. Everyone is constantly uploading pictures and videos. Now let’s get to know an amazing truth, 500 terabytes of data are being exchanged on Facebook every day, about 2.6 billion likes and 300 million pictures are uploaded every day.

[quote cite='1024 gigabytes is 1 terabyte, 500 terabytes of data exchange per day is it any joke? I personally upload at least 1 MB every day. '][/quote] [title align='center'][/title]

3) An information about online spamming:

Spammers are very conscious! We find a lot of links in social media every day where the majority of links are spammy even can hurt us greatly.


About 40 percent of the accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media are opened by spammers. 7% of all messages are sent by spammers.


I get messages every few days, the African sends me a picture of a girl from a profile, speaking as nicely as if I had known her for a thousand years, sounds interesting, right!. One of their signs is that they will not talk to you on Facebook rather than will ask for your email. If you observe a similar case, be careful to stay away to make any conversation or chat.

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4) A truth about Google search:

Today Google is like a best friend of ours; that’s why Google is the most successful search engine in the world. The revenue of Google Inc. is going up every day. Today it is common news like Google has bought this company, that company. So far, 145 companies have bought/merged with Google. I wonder how big this Google will be one day!

[mark]Google gets 100 billion searches per month, which means 40000 searches we can do every second .[/mark]

The day I heard that Google had bought Motorola, the world’s first mobile phone manufacturer, I was really surprised. Because in 2011, Motorola was a big company where Google invested 12.5 billion US dollars in buying it. Besides, there are several amazing services that google bought one by one, e.g-Waze, Nest, Fitbit, YouTube, Zoom, Android, Duo, Hangouts, Play store, Picasa.

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5) An interesting information about webcam:

A proverb goes that “necessity knows no laws“, right?

Accordingly every invention of internet & technology comes from a specific need. Webcam is an example of this.

[dropcap style='box']The[/dropcap] webcam is undoubtedly a wonderful invention though it can not surprise us highly today, comparing other inventions. A few lazy students at Cambridge University invented the webcam. There is a special room at Cambridge University called Trojan Coffee Room. The purpose was to keep eyes on the Trojan Coffee Room from their own room.

[infobox title='The Webcam inventors']

Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Paul Jardetzky are the creators of the first webcam.

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6) First website:

CERN, elaborately European Organization for Nuclear Research

Sir Tim Barnes Lee is a London-born physicist. He thought of a hyperlink by which everyone in the world would be connected. The extraordinary discovery of that great man has taken man to the extreme stage of progress.


The world’s first domain / web server is info.cern.ch. It was published on August 6, 1991.If you wish, you can visit that website now .It launched on a NeXT computer at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)


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7) The most expensive domain:

Simple, beautiful & short domain name prefers everyone, right?

In addition, it grabs our attention faster than a long domain name. For instance, we all heard a name- Yahoo. Although I do not use Yahoo search engine, the domain name of Yahoo is my favorite. These beautiful and easy to remember domains are sold at high prices. Let’s take a look at the most expensive domain names in the world.


  • The most expensive domain name is insure.com, priced at 16 million.
  • Second highest domain name is sex.com for 14 million.



Now reading this, you might be wondered thinking that how much is the domain price of Google or Facebook?
The two names I shared here are not any company, just website addresses. Maybe everyone understands why the price of the second domain is so high.

insure.com – I did not know correctly why this domain price is high, but insurance is a good business in the European online marketplace. Hopefully, this can be a solid reason behind the high price.


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8) Number of country-based Internet users

Day by day internet user is increasing. Figuring out the current world internet user we are inserting couple of global statistics.

10 Interesting facts about the internet

Among them Top 5 countries are-

1) China | Active User:854000000| user growth in %: 3796%

2) India | Active User:560000000| user growth in %:11200%

3) United States | Active User:313322868| user growth in %: 329%

4) Indonesia | Active User:171260000| user growth in %:8563%

5) Brazil | Active User:149057635| user growth in %: 2981%


Here we inserted top 15 countries internet using summary-

# Country or Region Internet Users Internet Users Population, Population Internet Growth
2020 Q1 2000 Q4 2020 Est. 2000 Est. 2000 – 2020
1 China 854,000,000 22,500,000 1,439,062,022 1,283,198,970 3796%
2 India 560,000,000 5,000,000 1,368,737,513 1,053,050,912 11200%
3 United States 313,322,868 95,354,000 331,002,651 281,982,778 329%
4 Indonesia 171,260,000 2,000,000 273,523,615 211,540,429 8563%
5 Brazil 149,057,635 5,000,000 212,392,717 175,287,587 2981%
6 Nigeria 126,078,999 200,000 206,139,589 123,486,615 63039%
7 Japan 118,626,672 47,080,000 126,854,745 127,533,934 252%
8 Russia 116,353,942 3,100,000 145,934,462 146,396,514 3753%
9 Bangladesh 94,199,000 100,000 164,689,383 131,581,243 94199%
10 Mexico 88,000,000 2,712,400 132,328,035 2,712,400 3244%
11 Germany 79,127,551 24,000,000 83,783,942 81,487,757 330%
12 Philippines 79,000,000 2,000,000 109,581,078 77,991,569 3950%
13 Turkey 69,107,183 2,000,000 84,339,067 63,240,121 3455%
14 Vietnam 68,541,344 200,000 68,541,344 200,000 34271%
15 United Kingdom 63,544,106 15,400,000 67,886,011 58,950,848 413%
TOP 15 Countries 2,950,219,300 226,646,400 4,814,796,174 3,818,641,677 1289%
Rest of the World 1,332,876,622 109,639,092 2,563,237,873 1,832,509,298 1216%
Total World 4,283,095,922 336,285,492 7,378,034,047 5,651,150,975 1267%

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9)The highest book authorship:

Philip M. Parker is a professor at a business school called INSEAD. We know it requires a title to write a book, some related topics or context it will have, a single ISBN (International Standard Book Number), a cover page, a back cover, and so on! The biggest thing is that before writing anything, the writer must have the knowledge to write a book.



Philip M. Parker has written about 200,000 books so far. He has the authorship of highest number of books writing in the world.



Computers and the Internet have made this person’s hard work easier. Philip M. Parker has done Honors in Mathematics, Biology, and Economics (Where I have only one degree) Writing a book is not an easy task, a book is a guide for people, and if it goes in the wrong direction then it is all over!

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10) The weight of the Internet

Does the internet have any weight? What will you do if you feel dizzy listening to this? But the truth is, there is a real weight in this internet world. And if you hear the weight measuring way of the internet, you will feel dizzier.
The information on the internet weighs 50gram.
Sounds interesting, right?😛Actually, I also find this weight bit complicated. Even another source where I read internet weight is like a strawberry.
Normally Strawberry weighs 50gram. By the way, these measures from the electron’s charge & electron have their own mass. Internet is really just about 50 grams of electrons in motion. For more information please check out this Youtube video presented by Channel: Vsauce-

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