10 Most guarded places on earth

10 Most guarded places on earth

In films, just a single document or file is guarded with the help of an army of soldiers. This is due to the importance of the piece of paper and the potential consequences of being leaked. And in the present world, confidentiality and security are becoming scarce and expensive commodities. In addition, secret hideaways, as well as Doomsday bunkers, are often used in films and thrillers that appear to be fictional. Do you realize that this could be happening in the real world too? The films draw inspiration from real-life events happening around the world. These are the 10 most guarded places on earth where ordinary citizens can’t enter without specific authorization.

10 Most guarded places on earth :

 10. ADX Florence Prison

All those films and documentaries you watch during prison break may not show this prison, which is ranked tenth on the list of most heavily guarded prisons listed on the list. It is located within Colorado, USA, and it is the place where you can find the vilest and most violent criminals. It is home to 1400 steel doors. Every cell is monitored continuously by computerized methods that include cameras and motion detectors at each entrance. Communication between prisoners is virtually impossible. If a prisoner tries to escape from his cell and escapes, he will be greeted by a 12-foot tall razor-sharp fence that is guarded with guards, attacking dogs and security personnel around the clock. Not to mention the massive watchtowers, which are equipped with lights and snipers waiting to shoot (it might not always be an effective deterrent!). Visitors are also examined at various checkpoints across the entire property.


9. Mormon Church Records

The church constructed a facility in the Salt Lake City of Utah. The facility contains around 2.4 million miles worth of microfilm. The secret archive houses the family’s records as well as the legacy of the church’s entire membership. It is secured with solid granite walls and guards armed and requires a variety of combination codes to access it. Only people who belong to the congregation are permitted to be allowed in.

8. Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is actually the Western Pennsylvania Data Centre located sixty miles away from Pittsburgh. It’s more of an enormous fortress that is protected by a wall equipped with razor-sharp wire. The facility was previously used as a mine. However, now it is home to 1.7 million square feet of Data Servers and Vaults. It is home to Warner Bros, The Smithsonian Institution, and even the US Government have their files stored in these vaults that wind. They usually have photographs, film negatives, original reels, as well as precious historical documents like Edison’s patent for the light bulb.

7. Fort Knox

Fort Knox Fort Knox is literally a fort, surrounded by massive fencing and security guards armed who patrol the fort at all times. The Fort Knox holds hundreds of tons of gold as well as The US Bullion Depository and several vital documents from the past, like the declaration of independence that was the first to be made. If someone manages to break through the security fence and fool the guards, the blast door, weighing 22 tons, is waiting for them, hiding the main vault.

6. Guantanamo Bay

The Naval Base located in Cuba has been operational since 1903 despite numerous attempts to close it was made over the years. In 2002, the island facility was transformed into a detention center for terrorists as well as prisoners of conflict from Iraq as well as Afghanistan. The prisoners there are held indefinitely without trial and are considered to be too risky in order to allow them to release. Similar to other prisons in the country, this one is secured by militias that are heavily guarded and are enclosed by electrified fencing with barbed wire. There are rumors that the area is also surrounded by active minefields. Although the island can be difficult to reach, navigating an active minefield isn’t an ideal idea.

5. Tumen River

Tumen River-most protected places
Tumen River | One of the most protected places

The Tumen River connects China, North Korea, and even Russia, making it easy to swim through it to get around the border. The majority of people tired of the inhumane practices of the North Korean regime have tried to escape towards China by crossing the river. Certain have succeeded, some have failed as the brutal North Korean army defends the coastline. Refugees attempt to cross the Chinese border even though it’s a little deeper and is frozen in winter, but this spot is one of the most secured areas at present.

4. Area 51

If there’s a list of the most heavily guarded locations in the world, What do you think Area 51 be left behind? It is an airbase within the deserts in Nevada, which is a place where no one can enter just for curiosity. Area 51 is said to be conducting everything connected with UFOs, extraterrestrials, and Aliens; however, the US government has denied these claims. Rumors about the location being a base of these secret operations have only increased over the years. Many believe there are remains from spaceships and bodies of aliens debris is kept in the area for experiments, while other claims that biological experiments to modify weapons are conducted in the area. Which do you believe?

3. Svalbard Global Seed Vault

It is the most fascinating vault and worthy of all security! It was officially opened in 2008 and has also been known as the “Doomsday Vault”, which could hint at its intriguing uniqueness and significance of it. It is situated 8-10 miles away from the North Pole and was designed to house all sorts of seeds. By all varieties, I really refer to all varieties.

The seed vault is an insecure bank to deposit “seeds”.The storage compound’s site acts as a layer of protection since it has been free of all the human-made or natural catastrophes until now; however, the seed banks in the Philippines, Iraq and Afghanistan are completely destroyed. And who would journey all way to the freezing North Pole to steal a few seeds? The facility is equipped with a storage capability of 4.5 million seeds which will be utilized in the event of a natural disaster.

2. Wikileaks Bunker

the most secure place in the world
Wikileaks’ (former) server bunkers in Sweden

While the world is aware of Wikileaks, there’s more to discover, which is why it’s the second most closely guarded spot in this ranking. Following the disastrous 2010 incident of information leaks, Wikileaks director Julian Assange decided to relocate his servers to safer premises. He chose to relocate them to an empty nuclear bomb shelter located in Sweden, which is an excellent choice due to the fact that it resembles an 007-style villain’s hideout than a place of business! It is built into a mountain, and servers are located hundreds of feet below the ground inside specially-designed chambers. The facility is even equipped with its own power supply that is auto-created at all times.

1. Air Force One

10 Most guarded places on earth

Air Force One is currently a Boeing 747 Jet that belongs to the US Government. It has served as a personal plane and as a mobile command center for the current presidents of the US since the presidency of President Roosevelt. The aircraft is equipped with numerous security measures against the attack and is also protected from EMPs. Only the US president and those who have been personally invited by him may access the plane. While in flight, AF1 is escorted by top fighter pilots and jets for refueling, which allows the aircraft to remain in the air for a long time. If you’d like to see an actual replica of it in action, go to the film Air Force One!

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