9+ Most influential bands of all time who light up the rock genre

9+ Most influential bands of all time who light up the rock genre

Rock music is a very popular genre of music. Moreover, Rock music is actually a very broad genre of music. Rock music is a defined musical style that basically gets popularized in South Africa during the 50’s era. It has evolved in numerous ways. There’s actually no single word that can describe the variation or range of rock music. The lyrics patterns often describe romantic love. But, the range of rock music not only evolved around love. Political or social matters also get highlighted in this genre. Over the years, uncountable amounts of rock bands light up the rock music industry. So let’s know those most influential bands of all time who light up the rock music genre!

9+ most influential bands of all time who light up the rock music genre

It’s very hard to find out the top 10 best rock bands. Different gens have different flavors of music. But, we can try out by building some notable things. Rock music is actually a very broad genre that popularizes during the 50’s era.

Here are the top ten of best rock band according to most music pundits –

1.The Beatles (1960 – 1970) –

The Beatles are undoubtedly the best band group ever in the history of rock. No other band does not even come close to them. They’re such unique, phenomenal and legendary.

Top rock bands of all time-The Beatles (1960 – 1970)
most influential rock bands of all time -The Beatles (1960 – 1970)

Their popularity was so sky-high that no other band can’t even dream of. There are basically no words to describe the ‘’phenomena’’ of Beatles. The greatest journey begins with three good looking lads from Liverpool John Winston Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and later Ringo Star. Almost their every album got a ravishing response around every corner of the earth and wherever they set their foot, Beatlemania madness followed. They made an impeccable promise and they kept it by delivering wonderful music one after another. They marked their place at ‘’History of Rock’’ before finally broke up in the ’70s. It was one hell of a journey as the 60’s generation literally watched the greatest boy band ever.


2. Led Zeppelin (1968 – 1980) –

Their journey usually lasted over a decade and they produce amazing music at that span of time. After the collapse of The Beatles, they revived rock music and if you see thoroughly, Led Zeppelin basically has a huge influence at every rock group which formed after the 70’s era.

Their unsurpassed impeller on music is undeniable. Their live performance is still iconic and greatly imitated by most rock musicians. They released nine albums over a decade’s journey and became a rock icon. Led Zeppelin was able to sell 50 million albums in the US alone and 200 million worldwide.

3.The Rolling Stones (1962 – Present) –

Another pioneer rock group who enthusing us for almost six decades, the longest in rock history. Two childhood buddies – Mick Jagger and Keith Richard along with guitarist Brian Jones and pianist Ian Stewart started the project for the Rolling Stones and finally, they formed the first version of the Rolling Stones in 1962.

top rock bands of all time- The Rolling Stones (1962 – Present)
The Rolling Stones (1962 – Present)  ¦ most influential bands of all time


In the ninety’s era, they earned a staggering 750 million from three concerts. It’s no wonder the members of the group are getting old and almost surpassed their best days but still their energetic performance is so magical. Long live ‘’Rock N Roll’’, Long Live the King ‘’Rolling Stones’’!

4.Nirvana (1987 – 1994; an influential rock bands ever)  –

Nirvana made a huge impact on rock music, although its short period of run. They were basically an alternative rock band. They made an undeniable legacy of music and although they were not the first band to invent alternative rock, they were the main catalyst behind the popularity of this genre. Their super successful album ‘’Nevermind’’ and a song called ‘’Smells like teen spirit’’ changed the history of the alternative rock field.

Founded by singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic, Nirvana found success overnight and ended up becoming a musical passage drug to the young generation. The great run of Nirvana ended by vocalist Kurt Cobain’s untimely death but their influence on alternative rock and modern rock and roll culture is absolutely undeniable.

5. U2 –

This Irish band is the most important band after the post-punk era. Although their birth was in the post-punk era, their music has evolved over has past few decades. They really produce different kinds of music and become a pioneer of the rock music industry – held by singer Bono’s special vision and charismatic efforts.

greatest rock band ever-U2
A most influential rock bands of all time -U2

U2 formed in Ireland’s Dublin in 1976 when they were singing the cover of The Beatles and Rolling Stone’s music. They got their breakthrough in 1980 under the banner of Island Records and released their first album ‘’Boy’’. The album got a huge response and their successive journey begins after that. Over the years they tried various branches of rock music and become an iconic rock band in rock culture. They still hold their magic and become a more mature, amazing band more than ever.

6. Velvet Underground –

English musician Brian Eno once told that the album of Velvet Underground didn’t purchase by everyone when they originally released, but they were purchased by who did form a band. This dialogue of that talented musician is enough to describe how much influence this band made in rock culture. They were originally founded in 1964 and they proved a point that rock n roll could be very fearful again.

The greatest rock band of all time-Velvet Underground
Velvet Underground ¦ most influential rock bands of all time

Their debut album ‘’The Velvet Underground and Nico’’ managed to have a mixed response from critics and audience. But, this album becomes highly popular and critically acclaimed over the years. It was called the ‘’ most prophetic album ever made’’ by Rolling Stones in 2003. Although their beginnings were poor and less successful, they become one of the most influential rock groups over the years.

7. Pink Floyd –

9+ Most influential bands of all time who light up the rock genre
Once most influential bands of all time -Pink Floyd & formed in London in 1965

This English legendary rock band formed and started their journey from the mid 60’s era. During their huge span of time, they experimented with many forms of music like symphonic explorations, sonic experimentation, etc. The more they changed their styles and genres, the more they become popular. They mainly achieved their success through progressive and psychedelic music. Their songs inspire people to break the rules. Their exceptional sound carving like ‘’Meddle’’, ‘’Dark side of the moon’’, ‘’Another brick in the wall’’ set a milestone in the rock industry and they become a phenomenal and highly influential group in the history of rock. Hence we kept Pink Floyd in our most influential bands of all time chart.

8. Ramones –

The Ramones was an American punk rock band formed in mid 70’s era. They had very limited success but printed their marks on the music industry.

Top rock bands of all time -Ramones
Top rock bands of all time -Ramones

Ramones gained their popularity for their endless fountainhead of energy, noise, a mixture of punk and music, humor, etc. They were the main catalyst behind reviving the era of pure rock n roll. Despite their limited success, they are the band that defines the era of punk rock and made an influence on rock n roll history.

9. The Doors (1965 – 1973) –

Greatest rock band ever-The Doors
A most influential bands of all time on 1960’s-The Doors

Despite their journey of only 8 years, this legendary rock group made history in that short span of time. Three of their albums were placed in Rolling Stones ‘’500 greatest albums of all time’’. Thinking that spread we keeping The Doors in our most influential bands of all time chart.

The group originally formed in the mid-’60s by legendary vocalist Jim Morrison, who was very controversial and popular due to his lyrics, charismatic but somehow awkward stage persona. They got popularity due to their contribution to psychedelic and blues-rock. After Jim Morrison’s untimely death in 1971, the band lost their charms and other members failed to live up the expectations without their charismatic leader. Finally, they disbanded in 1973.

10. AC/DC (1973 – Present) –

The Australian rock group founded in the 70’s era. Although they love to present themselves as a rock n roll group, they are also good at hard rock and heavy metal. Their great run on music still continues and they sold over 200 million copies all over the world.

A Most popular band everA-C/DC (1973 – Present)
A most influential bands of all time-AC/DC (1973 – Present)

The different generation has formed different types and patterns of rock. It has evolved so much since the beginning days. Rock music has served as the vehicle of various social and political movements. Those bands are the reason rock music has established itself as one of the greatest genres of music in musical history.

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