15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

Top 10 Most Expensive Ice Cream Brands in World 2021

This list of high-rank expensive ice cream manufacturers on the planet 2022 is for luxury ice cream fans. Ice cream is a beverage that needs no age limit to have, no time to grab, and clearly no occasion to celebrate. Competition among the best ice cream companies has attracted some expensive ice creams in the marketplace. One can get ice cream in his/her hand to dive from the area of happiness and joy with only a single spoon. Price may change depending on location and taste. This is your list of most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022 including price and manufacturer ranking.

Most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022



15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022Net Worth: $87.47 Billion
Brand Country: Switzerland
Founded: 1905
Founder: Henry Nestle
Current CEO: Ulf Mark Schneider
Headquarter: Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland
Total Asset: 152.44 billion
Type: Public
Internet income: 10.46 Billion(CHF)
Known: Straightforward but divinely taste
Accessible Models/ Flavors: Chocolate chip, French Vanilla, Fab, Drumstick, Maxibon, Bubble Gumstick, Colajet and more.
Greatest ice cream: Nestle Country Fresh
Number of Workers: 352,000
Newest Flavors: Extra creamy


Nestle is still the most expensive ice cream manufacturer in the world in 2021. Nestle food has a slogan that is excellent food, good life, and they also do sustain it. They’re the biggest company for food processing in the world. Ice cream is one of their products that has won the soul and flavor bud of ice cream lovers. Simplicity is the main appeal of Nestle Ice lotions. They are so simple in appearance but divinely in flavor. They use natural ingredients such as milk, fruits and nuts. They don’t add added colors. Customers can select their daily diet favorable ice creams from their low fat or no glucose and even lactose-free ice creams. They have increased their refrigeration system which has fewer emissions of green gas.



15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022


Magnum is one of the most expensive and finest ice cream manufacturers in the world in 2021. The business never compromises with the true taste of this ice cream. They follow the old and the newcomer recipe based on the client’s choice. The chocolate they utilize in their ice cream is chocolate, and this is well-known for its rich flavor. They claim that they use the best ingredients in their lotions. They have a number of ice cream flavors. Vintage and Double Almond Brown Butter are their very best-selling ice creams. They’re smooth in texture and fine in flavors. From Classic to Double Almond Brown Butter tastes and textures.



15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

Net Worth: 61.51 Billion (Unilever)
Brand Nation: Italy
Founded: 1959
Owner: Unilever
CEO: Paul Polman
Headquarter: Italy
Type: Subsidiary
Known for: ice cream
Parent Organizations: Unilever
Available Flavors: Mint Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon, Nut, Whippy, Cornetto Soft, chocolate, double chocolate, vanilla
Best Ice Cream: Cornetto Mint, Cornetto Classico, Cornetto Strawberry, Cornetto Mermaid
Employees: Not Launched
Newest Flavor: Cornetto Oreo


Cornetto is quite popular and among the top-rated expensive ice cream brands in the entire world. This can be known to every ice cream lover. Hearing the name, the very first thing that comes across our thoughts is the combo between crisp and cream, the mix is really excellent. Their crispy baked wafer is the most favorite section of individuals. Where in the bottom you will get a chocolate coat. Along with lots of varieties of tastes, they have tastes for Vegan which is Cornetto Vegan Vanilla. Cornetto’s Chocolate and Cookies flavors are also a most-tried flavor.

04. Breyers

15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

Net Worth: $61.51 Billion (Unilever)
Brand Nation: United States
Launched: 1866
Owner: Unilever
CEO: James Nolan
Headquarter: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Sort: Subsidiary
Known for: Frozen dessert
Parent Organizations: Unilever
Available Flavors: chocolate, apple cinnamon crumble, black raspberry chocolate, Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies
Greatest Ice Cream: Raspberry Cheesecake Gelato, Triple Chocolate Gelato, Reese’s Ice Cream, Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream, Peach Ice Cream
Employees: Not Launched
Newest Flavor: Oreos


Breyers ice creams are still in the position of the most expensive ice cream brand in the world. This very old ice cream manufacturer was founded in 1866, the main company is Unilever. Till now, they are increasing their mind on the marketplace of ice creams. They use the most natural flavors on the planet. Their ice creams are Gluten-free. They do not utilize the flavor of vanilla rather use the original vanilla beans, to make sure the credibility of the beans that they work with Rainforest Alliance. Those beans provide the ice creams with an intense flavor which will accelerate your sense of smell. Their flavors are famed for their purity.



15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

Best ice cream: Chocolate
Number of Employees: 450
Newest Flavors: Banana pudding
President: George Ho


Hershey is the most famous, expensive and best ice cream brand in the united states till 2021. Hershey’s is mainly renowned for its prepackaged ice creams. They are commonly known for their frozen dessert items. Hershey’s company is another company but Hershey Creameries is your ice cream one, people often get confused with that. The business claims to use less air within their making process which is known as Pairing. They have a quality number of tastes one of them, the chocolate is the most famous one. They use cups and cones to function their dessert. Their new flavors are highly demanded in the market.

06. dairy queen

15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

Dairy Queen manufactures their ice creams in another manner they are soft ice creams with low fat as it consists of 5 percent butter on it. That is obviously a healthy solution for diet fans. This is again a very old ice cream maker with a significant number of tastes. Their tastes are so mouth-watering to their names. Their ice cream, cream and frozen yogurts are a bit pricey when compared to other manufacturers. They serve their things with dry fruits or fresh fruits which is a great attraction to all the ice cream fans.

7.Blue Bell Creameries


15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

This is unquestionably among the earliest ice cream brands in the world, causing its business for over a hundred years. They aren’t available everywhere in the world rather they’re observed in developed countries. This company began its journey with a few farmers that was a creamery firm named Brenham Creamery Company, which basically was made for utilizing the excess cream from the regional farmers to present local butter.

The organization started making ice cream afterward. The ice creams were delivered by horse and wagon to the city. With the authentic taste, the company got abundant flowering in the city of Texas and eventually became Blue Bell Creameries in 1930. They are now extremely renowned for their new flavors. The company offers a huge number of flavors, so anyone can have it using their own choice of taste. Above all the Flavors, to be more precise than the actual taste of frozen cream win the heart of an ice cream lover.

8.Cold Stone Creamery

15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

Available Models/Flavors: One Smart Bookie, The Way The Cookie Crumbles, Dough-Lightful Peanut Butter, Dough for It, Banana Cream Crunch, Our Strawberry Blonde, Somewhere On the Rain-Dough and more
Best ice cream: PB Dough Delight
Newest Flavor: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
Best Attraction: Customized ice-cream


Cold rock Creameries is currently on the top-rated brands’ record with an immense number of taste. It has won the taste bud of its customers for their very fresh frozen lotion and customized ice creams. Cold Stone Creamery has more than 30 flavors which are still the highest one among the top brands. They care what their clients demand and consequently, their clients have the choice to get rid of allergic elements from their cup of ice creams. They consider serving new ice creams so that they start making them after getting requests. They don’t just package the ice creams rather they make it with artistry. The combination of the ingredients is so yummy it may take you to another world with just one dip of a spoon onto it.


9. Butter Pecan

15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022


The company began its journey in 1928 and also had a variety of ups and downs is still leading the marketplace of ice creams. With high demands, the provider is inventing new flavors now and then. The company is more famous for their frozen desserts that is their very best innovation. Their desserts have won the center of their clients with a completely different flavor than others. The frozen desserts have a huge number of flavors. The business is now a subsidiary of this world-known Nestle brand.

10. Baskin-Robbins


15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

The company starts the journey using an innovative idea which they’d create 31 different flavors so that regular a person might have a different flavor of the ice creams, this isn’t a big issue nowadays but the initiative arrived when folks couldn’t even consider vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. The business is completely dedicated to ice cream tastes and serving the whole world with 1300+ unique tastes.
They use various flavors therefore their ice cream has exceptional fame. Nearly every month that they launch a different flavor. Their tastes have a high need in the market. Children love their ice cream for a heavenly taste. The business serves over 50 countries in the world. They provide waffles at their sockets that are also pricey and with the toppings on it, makes anybody forget everything with all the flavor.

11. Haagen-Dazs


15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

Net Worth: $650 Million
Brand Nation: United States
Launched: 1961
Founders: Reuben Mattus, Rose Mattus
CEO: Reuben Mattus
Headquarter: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Parent Organizations: Froneri International, General Mills
Known: ice cream
Available Models/Flavors: vanilla, chocolate, coffee
Best Ice Cream: Caramel Cone, Vanilla, Double Belgian Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Ice Cream, Strawberry
Employees: 57
Newest Flavor: Irish Cream Brownie, Rum Tres Leches


The brand follows the motto to bring the purest ingredients in the world. When it’s sweet, strawberries or rich Dutch cocoa, they do not compromise their first flavors and make them into the best-frozen yogurt or gelato. It is a technique of working together that’s as requested as it’s unprecedented. It is the motive behind why the Häagen-Dazs brand was interchangeable with fine frozen yogurt for about 50 years. They use Honey bees in almost all their things in roughly 40 percent of the components, this is a bit contentious, as it goes against nature. Some of the must-taste flavors are Vanilla Swiss Almond, Mango and Strawberry.


12.Mayfield Dairy


15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022
Net Worth: $425 Million
New Country: United States
Founded: 1923
Creator: TB Mayfield Jr
CEO: Scottie Mayfield
Employees: 2,000 People
Headquarter: Athens, Tennessee, United States
Parent Organizations: Dean Foods
Known for: Distinct making procedure
Available Versions / Flavors: Yellow brick roads, Sea salt caramel Cheesecake, Eggnog flavored Custard, peppermint stick and more.S
Best ice cream: Sea salt caramel cheesecake
Newest Flavors: Cherry Chocolate Chip
Under the Ownership: Deans Food
President: Scottie Mayfield


Mayfield Dairy is now run by the grandson of the founder and his name is Scottie Mayfield. The business is one of the top ice cream manufacturers in America which started its journey in the early twentieth century. It doesn’t offer ice creams globally. It serves just 10 countries in the world. Their frozen desserts making procedure is a bit different so they get the popularity of unique taste. Each of their flavors is created within this procedure and has a high demand in the market. The business is now under the parent boat of Dean’s Food.

13. Halo Top Creamery


15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

This brand offers ice creams that taste like ice cream. Truly these are low-calorie ice creams so these aren’t rich in sugars and lotions. If you’re following a diet and dying to hurry on ice cream, then this is what you need. And one can eat an increasing number of ice creams with their mild tastes, even this is the aim of the company to make light ice creams for folks to complete the thirst for ice creams. It comprises not more than 280-380 calories. It’s true! And the ice cream can be a great source of protein for you. They have 25 amazing flavors, with some seasonal tastes like Gingerbread House, Key Lime Pie, and Pumpkin Pie.

14. Ben & Jerry’s

15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

Net Worth: $150 Million
Brand Country: United States
Launched: May 5, 1978
Founders: Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield
CEO: Matthew McCarthy
Employees: 1,614 Individuals
Headquarter: South Burlington, Vermont, United States
Parent Organizations: Unilever
Known for: ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet
Available Versions / Flavors: Cherry Garcia, Chocolate chip cookie dough, Finish Food, Chocolate milk and cookies, PB and biscuits and more.


Ben and Jerry supply the best taste in their ice creams with very buttered frozen creams. The company is currently parented by Unilever since 2000 before it was the firm of two great friends Ben and Jerry. The business claims to make the best desserts that are frozen. The company is an old one with having a glistening believer in the marketplace with their taste and flavors. An individual can readily get melted by having a scoop of the ice cream in the mouth, it calms the heads together with the melting of these lotions in the mouth inside. They serve their ice creams with additional dry foods which creates the flavor more glowing and unique at precisely the same time.

15. Very Berry Strawberry ($4.99)

15 most popular ice cream brands in the World 2022

This provider is relatively a newcomer in the ice cream field. But in this brief period of time, it has possessed a wonderful business in the world marketplace. They have a great number of flavors and the majority of them are popular on the market now. Their vibrant ice creams are so eye-catching you cannot resist the temptation to catch them. They produce candy which is also a favorite one.

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