10 beautiful places to visit before death

10 beautiful places to visit before death

Wanna escape from a modern lifestyle and enjoy something different?
Most of the travel Instagrammers or Facebookers would recommend a visit to one of the best metropolises. But, sometimes visit an old-world town is also a pleasant matter. Here’s some town you should visit to change your taste and soothe your mind. So let’s know those beautiful places to visit before death!

10 beautiful places to visit before death

If you’re a vivid traveler then you can taste some old school. It will give you a different taste. Your outlook will be wider.


1. Chefchaouen, Morocco :

cities to visit before you die
Image: Chefchaouen, Morocco- beautiful places to visit before death

Surround within the lots of small mountains of northwest Morocco, this pleasant blue colored village was founded in the 15th century to protect from the Portuguese pirates.
Nowadays the color and shape are very astounding. The whole village seems to blue mishmash. The streets and infrastructure of this village are nestled with local weavers and cobblestones.

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2. Yangshuo, China (places to visit before death):

Cities to visit before you die
Yangshuo, China | beautiful places to visit before death

When you first reach this town you can find it not so attractive mode. But, hey, you’re absolutely wrong until you find its true beauty!
You’re just a bike ride away to find the astonishing beauty of this Chinese village. The beautiful mountains and landscapes are hiding around the mist. You can find old men with grey beards and hats ply the river to fish along with their pet and well-trained birds of prey.

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3. Lalibela, Ethiopia :

Images 3 for- places to visit before we die
Lalibela, Ethiopia | beautiful places to visit before death

This is a good place for an archaeologist. The whole place is surrounded by old and eye smashing monolithic stone churches. Dirty funguses covered these monolithic stones.
These consummate sanctified structures carved out of hard rock which gives the town a supernatural vibe.

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4. Santorini, Greece :

Places to visit before you die
Santorini, Greece-A beautiful city to visit

The boss of the infamous Greek Islands, Santorini is the heaven-like place. The whole town covered up with unlimited whitewashed homes and places that peer out over the impressive waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
This town usually receives huge amounts of tourists every year, but still maintaining its small-town vibes.

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5. Mont-Saint-Michel, France (Cities to visit before you die) :

A small town of one of the most beautiful countries on earth. This is a super historical place surrounds with the magical monastery. Around 50-60 indigenous people live in this small town. This is surely one of the most eye-catching places in the world.

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6. Huacachina, Peru :

Huacachina, Peru-Places to see before death
Huacachina, Peru-beautiful places to visit before death

Just imagine in a lonely time – you’re out on an adventure with a sword in a desert and suddenly feel that you’re in the middle of a town in this desert! How does it sound?! Weird enough! But, you can feel this vibe in real life and it’s possible in this Peruvian town.
This astounding town isn’t a mirage and you’ll astound to watch this beauty.

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7. Bruges, Belgium :

A-lines of beautiful houses, beautiful trees are everywhere. A little sunshine also can be found. Yes, the historical Belgium town is full of fairy tales. Such a breathtaking and smashing scenario.

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8. Altar Do Chao :

Altar Do Chao in Brazil | Cities to visit before you die
Alter Do Chao in Brazil | Cities to visit before you die

Just imagine you’re in the middle of a town that surrounds with Amazon waters.
You don’t have to imagine, you better believe this cuz it’s true! Ready your backpack, wear a hat and enjoy R and R music in this Brazilian town.

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9. Hallstatt, Austria :

Absolutely a wonderland. A shimmering lake, small hills is covered this beautiful, evergreen town. A truly magical European flair can be found in this majestic town.

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10. Dubrovnik, Croatia :

This place is famous due to the popular TV series Game of Thrones.
10 beautiful places to visit before deathIt has an eye-catching fortress that lines the waters of the Adriatic Sea.

We believe that definitely, you got our this 10 Cities to visit before you die. We wish most probably you are not going to miss those places.


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