Prohibition of alcohol consumption by 17 countries in the world

Prohibition of alcohol consumption by 17 countries in the world

Lots of nations in this world where drinking alcohol is an offense according to that nation’s law. Somehow either tour or any other purpose if you move there, this post will help you cause we shared 17 different countries where you will face prohibition of alcohol consumption.

Check first 2018 data of 25 Nations:


Alcohol consumption by Countries 2018
Alcohol consumption by Countries Oct 2018

But still, there are many nations where alcohol is illegal so let’s dig into it.


Afganistan Map a country where alcohol is banned
Afghanistan Map a country where alcohol is banned

Afghanistan is a country of Muslims. Based on several public circumstances Alcohol is illegal for Afghans. Prohibition of Alcohol raised since 2003 & there was almost zero consumption in 2009.

In Afghanistan, still you can buy alcohol & availability depends upon the city.  Some Coalition partners sell alcohol on bases, such as the Italians.  British are confined to have 2 cans in a week through the city is the fact.

Though local purchase has restrictions in Afghanistan, there are many licensed places, hotels to sell drinks to foreigners.

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16.INDONESIA(A country where Alcohol is illegal)

The Indonesian government banned the local sale of alcohol in 2015 from mini-markets and shops. As Bali is a hot tourist spot Alcohol is available in that province. In addition, the sale is allowed in licensed bars, clubs, and hotels.

CCTV made a report when Indonesia banned alcohol in 2016

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Qatar is an Islamic as well as a rich country in the world located in Western Asia with a population of 2.6 million.

prohibition of alcohol consumption by 17 Counries-Qatar Plane

With Alcohol, drugs, pornography, pork products importing is illegal in Qatar. This nation has some remarkable rules & regulations, like making kisses, hugs in Public is prohibited even they can call cob for this affection. Similarly, drinking alcohol in public is also an offense. despite having a strong policy, Alcohol is available at licensed bars, hotel restaurants, and expatriates living in Qatar can drink alcohol on a permit system.

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In Sudan, a nation torn apart by war in northeast Africa, alcohol is strictly forbidden. The Islamist state prohibits the production, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages in the country because of 1983. The bill on the restriction of alcohol, adopted by the Socialist Celebration of the Sudanese Union, made it mandatory in Sudan

prohibition of alcohol -by Sudan
prohibition of alcohol -by Sudan

Nevertheless, this restriction uses mostly for Muslims, Non-Muslims can consume alcohol in their personal quarters. But tourists are always advised to respect and regard local rules in Sudan, consisting of laws on alcohol usage, so as not to fall under any undesirable circumstance.

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13.YEMEN-(has prohibition of alcohol consumption)

Alcohol is entirely banned in Yemen, according to the concepts of Islam. Yemenis are not allowed to take in and sell alcohol in all parts of the nation, with the exception of Aden and Sanaa, where this drink is sold in certain licensed restaurants, hotels, and clubs.

Immigrants who are not Muslims are permitted to bring alcohol to the nation to a limited level and drink just in the house. That’s why they cheer like the below image, right?

countries where alcohol is illegal
countries where alcohol is illegal
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In the United Arab Emirates, alcohol is permitted to be offered under extremely rigorous guidelines, with the exception of Sharjah, where it is entirely banned. Sharjah is enabled to carry alcohol just to those who have a license for alcohol from the government (usually not to Muslims).

countries where alcohol is banned-UAE
countries where alcohol is banned-UAE

In addition, such legitimate license holders can consume alcohol just in the house. Consumption, purchase, or any other kind of drinking alcohol in public places is strictly restricted, and lawbreakers are subjected to jail, flogging, or other forms of punishment. In other parts of the UAE, alcohol is enabled to be sold in dining establishments, hotels, or other locations where the seller has a legitimate license for the sale of alcohol.

Alcohol usage is enabled by non-Muslims, however only in their private homes or the hotels and bars they visit. No other type of drinking is permitted. Foreign tourists are enabled to import a limited amount of alcohol into the country for individual usage.

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The laws of this Islamic nation, situated on the African Horn, are really strict when it pertains to executing laws associated with alcohol. Here, alcohol production, trade, and usage are totally prohibited.

Although it is not enabled for Non-muslims and foreigners to take in alcoholic beverages, they should do so in their individual space. Those who are disrespectful of Islamic laws will face serious punishment. Look who a somalian dancing & cheering.

alcohol consumption by country-Somalia
prohibition of alcohol consumption by country-Somalia
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A Country where alcohol is banned-S.Arabia Kaaba
A Country where alcohol is banned-S.Arabia

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the main place for all pilgrims of Islam, Mecca, is a total ban on alcohol. It is illegal to produce, import, sell and use. At the airport, a rigorous check of luggage is performed to avoid the importation of alcohol into the country.

Those who are selling or drinking alcohol in public locations will be punished, for example, by a long prison sentence or flogging. Immigrants are likewise encouraged to be incredibly mindful about this delicate problem and to avoid alcohol while checking out Saudi Arabia.

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In Pakistan alcohol was allowed for 3 decades after the nation acquired its self-reliance. However, during the time of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was prohibited, and after his removal from the workplace in 1977, the ban continued to exist.

Prohibition of alcohol consumption by 17 countries in the world

At present, although Muslims are not permitted to produce, offer and consume alcoholic beverages within the nation, it is not enabled Muslim minorities to apply for alcohol.

Authorizations are often given for financial development. Usually, 5 bottles of alcohol and 100 bottles of beer– a monthly allowance for non-Muslims in the country.

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Prohibition of alcohol consumption by 17 countries in the world

In the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in the West of North Africa, Muslims are restricted from saving, taking in, selling, and producing alcohol.

However, it is not enabled Muslims to take in alcohol in their houses or in hotels and restaurants that have legitimate alcohol sales permits.

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The Maldives, situated in the island chain in the Indian Ocean, is a popular resort, understood by the entire world for its beaches and unique resorts, where alcohol is prohibited for the regional population.

Prohibition of alcohol consumption by 17 countries in the world

Only in resorts and in some hotels and dining establishments on special authorizations are permitted to offer alcohol to visitors.

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Travelers going to Libya are advised to respect regional customs and guidelines. The laws worrying about the sale and usage of alcohol are quite rigorous here. The sale and carrying of alcohol are entirely restricted.

Prohibition of alcohol consumption by 17 countries in the world

Those who do not respect laws and openly offer or take in alcohol are severely penalized. However, they say that alcohol can be easily obtained illegally.

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Alcohol consumption is banned at Kuwait- Kuwaiit Tower
alcohol consumption is banned by 17 countries-Kuwait

In Kuwait, the sale, consumption, and storage of alcohol are forbidden by law. The country pursues a policy of intolerance versus those who sit intoxicated behind the wheel. If a percentage of alcohol is discovered in the blood of the motorist, then the offender will be badly penalized.

Consuming alcohol in public places is strictly prohibited, violation of the ban can result in the imprisonment of local homeowners or deportation of foreigners.

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Alcohol consumption by country -Prohibited in Iran
Alcohol consumption by country -Prohibited in Iran

In Iran, alcohol intake is forbidden for Muslim citizens. However, the law is not so strict with respect to non-Muslims who are allowed to produce and consume alcohol under specific conditions. Not Muslims are enabled to bring alcohol when going into the country.

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In Brunei, a sovereign state in Southeast Asia, alcohol usage in public locations, along with the sale of alcohol is prohibited. However, adults who are not Muslims at the entrance to the nation can bring two bottles of alcohol and twelve cans of beer per individual.

They must certainly say that they bring alcohol, at the airport customs. Usage alcohol only in your home.

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In Bangladesh, the intake and sale of alcohol are forbidden. However, non-Muslims residing in the nation or visiting the nation are not subject to such limitations, however just if they consume alcohol in their personal area.

Bangladesh - alcohol consumption by country this nation is illegal
Bangladesh – alcohol consumption by country this nation is illegal

Some restaurants, clubs, hotels, and bars, especially those working with travelers, are allowed to sell alcohol.

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In India, the guidelines and policies related to the sale, storage, and usage of alcohol– the state. In such states as Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, and, more just recently, in Bihar, the sale and intake of alcohol are strictly forbidden.

India (Tajmahal) alcohol consumption by country this nation is banned
India (Tajmahal) alcohol consumption by country this nation is banned

Alcohol is prohibited in your area in Manipur and Lakshadweep, in specific areas. In Kerala, there are likewise some constraints on the sale and usage of alcohol. In other states of India, there is no restriction on alcohol.

Some dry days are held throughout some celebrations, the entire country likewise notes dry days during elections or any legal holidays, for instance, Gandhi Jayanti (Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday).


As we know Alcohol little by little damages our brain.

So we wish, you will stay away from Alcohol & keep prohibition of alcohol countries name in mind. If you love this content & is there anything still missing in this content just raise your voice in the comment section.

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