Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022

The Recent Human Development Report summarizes the satisfaction of the global population and describes what it’s like to live on Earth in the present. It is among the best tools to evaluate which countries have the happiest and healthiest well-being populations.

The Human Development Report is a person’s view of the depth to which countries they could reside compared with the most impoverished countries around the World. 

If you’re holding on to an idea to travel the World and select which countries are an ideal retirement spot on your list, we’ve compiled this list based on the HDI report, which makes it simple for you to make a better decision. These are the top countries to live in 2022.

Here are the countries that have the highest indexes in human development:

  1. Norway (0.953)
  2. Switzerland (0.944)
  3. Australia (0.939)
  4. Ireland (0.938)
  5. Germany (0.936)
  6. Iceland (0.935)
  7. Sweden (0.933)
  8. Hong Kong (0.933)
  9. Singapore (0.932)
  10. Netherlands (0.931)

10. Netherlands

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022
Netherland | Best Countries To Live In 2022

Netherlands is compared to Denmark, where many countries around the World have an income gap that’s not as significant as this country. In reality, the wage gap for the Netherlands is about 12.4 percent, which is an extremely large one, but you can observe that it is lower than the US on a fair playing on a global basis if you go back to the specifics of the wage gap.

The country’s population is a lot. It connects more than 1,000 bridges and thousands of miles of cycle trails. It also has the most museums in the World. It is the place where Rembrandt as well as Van Gogh and the microscope as well as the thermometer and telescope. The high-income city, famous for its tulips, is one of the top agricultural exporters, a mostly mechanized business.

World Happiness ranking:7.488

9. Singapore

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022
Singapore | Best Countries To Live In 2022

Singapore was named the fifth-best country to live in by 2021. However, Singapore remains in the sixth spot among the top countries in the World and is in a competitive field. Due to the country’s longevity and overall focus on the health system, Singapore received high praise from the UN. The people should continue to live longer in Singapore as well, and Singapore is estimated to have a lifespan of over 85 years. The country is well-known for its friendliness and being placed fourth in the ranking of quality of life and third in the rankings of unstable, travel, and transportation. Transport in Singapore is simple and quick and permits the State to get more than 400 hours of days of sunshine per year than United Kingdom – which spans around an hour every day.

World Happiness ranking:6.262

8. Sweden

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022
Sweden | Best Countries To Live In 2022

Social security programs that are well-organized, as well as a strong health insurance system and free education, are essential for Sweden, and it was ranked eighth place on this list. The social model of Sweden is built around prosperity, democratic principles, freedom, and stability. The country is positioned to operate with a system similar to the model of other Nordic countries. It is highly statist with a strong public sector expenditure. Health insurance and education at universities are free, and residents enjoy among the World’s most long-lasting life durations. Most trash can be recycled in Sweden, which is among the most charitable nations in the World. Each year, Sweden contributes approximately 1 percent of its gross country product to the humanitarian aid program.

World Happiness ranking:7.343

7. Hong Kong

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022
Hongkong | Best Countries To Live In 2022

Hong Kong is a large and high-quality, well-groomed financial hub. The highest tax on income is 17%, and there are extremely low tax rates for Hong Kong, making it an ideal location for businesses. Furthermore, Hong Kong has very low crime rates and, like other countries listed on this list, it’s an urban city that is crowded.

Many think that Hong Kong completely relies on its stunning Eastern and Western culture, including temples, imperial homes, ancient customs, celebrations with high-end glass skyscrapers, and the most modern public transportation. It is the main attraction for travelers from all across the World. It’s also a low-tax and free-trade financial city, which is why it was ranked number 7 in the top 10 cities in 2022.

World Happiness ranking:5.477

6. Iceland

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022
Iceland | Best Countries To Live In 2022

Iceland is estimated to live a time of approximately 85 years. A few parts of the World remain inhabited by people who are not yet over 40. However, Iceland has a nearly two-year life expectancy. In Ireland, the crime rate is extremely low. Each year, millions of visitors from all over the World come from their stunning landscapes to experience Iceland’s stunning beauty. Iceland is experiencing low child mortality rates, at just 2.1 mortality rates per 100,000 births. A mere 9% of Iceland’s population is likely to become poor, roughly half the national average. Iceland also has an extremely insured national insurance system financed by taxes.

World Happiness ranking:7.494

5. Germany

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022
Germany | Best Countries To Live In 2022

As one of the World’s most powerful economies, Germany is the most populous country in Europe. Nine countries share borders with Central Europe with diverse geography from the northern fields to the North. From the Baltic Seas to southern Bavaria, Germany places a high value on the education of its citizens in the same way as Australia. Most of the German population has completed their education, and only 4 percent of the population hasn’t completed post-graduate and college studies in Germany. Germany is an open market capitalist market economy that is socially oriented, which makes it among the largest economies in the World. It offers a very high quality of life for its people. It is ranked number five on this list.

World Happiness ranking:6.985

4. Ireland

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022
Ireland | Best Countries To Live In 2022

Ireland is among the happiest countries in the World and an amazing destination to visit. There is less criminality than before, and the frequency of killings is very low. It was ranked fourth the highest in the World in terms of education, health, and income for each region according to the most recent United Nations Human Development Index. The position of Ireland was a success in many other categories, with eight years of education, the average being 18.7 years of education, and the fifth position with a gross per capita income of EUR55,774. It also ranked 15th with an average life expectancy of 82,3 years at birth. All these factors allow it to rank in the top five positions as the top country.

World Happiness ranking:7.021

3. Australia

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022
Australia | Best Countries To Live In 2022

Australia is the third most desirable nation to live in and is highly praised by the UN. It is very focused on education and the role of schools to its people. Schools, however, are under a lot of stress even though they are proud of their university accomplishments. Education accounts for more than 5% of the country’s total GDP. The average length of time for Australians to attend school is 20 years. This implies that most Australian students remain in the educational system until they graduate from university. Australia has an average of 3,000 sunny hours yearly, which is more than double what Britain receives. This country is for you if you’re looking for affordable food and living abroad all day. It’s affordable, offers top-quality healthcare, and has stunning views of the Great Barrier Reef to Uluru and the wild Outback. It is one of the most desirable nations to live in 2022.

World Happiness ranking:7.228

2. Switzerland

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022

Switzerland is officially known as The Swiss Confederation and has 16,000 square kilometers of carved ice mountains, valleys, and lakes in central Europe. Expatriates enjoy more time to relax and work than those who live in their country of origin. Switzerland has also taken the second spot in terms of quality of life. It’s a good governance model and an enduring economy. This alpine paradise is a haven to ski, with picturesque scenery and some of the best chocolate you can find anywhere in the World. What’s not to love? The life expectancy in Switzerland. The average age of residents is age 83, and it is an excellent illustration of how careful handling can result in amazing things. However, not every country gives its citizens a right.

World Happiness ranking:7.43

1. Norway

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2022
Norway | Best Countries To Live In 2022

Norway was ranked top of the list and is the most livable country regarding standard of living, life expectancy, and schooling. The life expectancy estimated for Norway is 82 years due to the stability of the federally-funded health system. Most people in Norway live within the southern part of Oslo, which is the country’s capital city. There are miles of bays, fjords, and the shoreline of Norway that enhance the beauty of Norway. Norway has also been deemed as a result of The United Nations to be the most desirable country to live in 2022. However, the study has included positive ratings for Norway.

World Happiness ranking:7.554

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