Top 10 best acoustic guitar brands In The World In 2020 | List of Best Guitar Brands

Top 10 best acoustic guitar brands In The World In 2020 | List of Best Guitar Brands

There is always a question playing in mind for guitar beginners – what is the most suitable guitar to start with? Oh! It’s a very complicated question. Almost every brand is well in its own way. There are different types of guitars from different brands. They offer varieties of types of guitars. So, yes, it’s pretty difficult, to sum up, what guitar brand can outshine others. It’s pretty injustice too! Here, we are going to discuss on top 10 best acoustic guitar brands in the world in 2020 | list of best acoustic guitar brands. Let’s begin the discussion.

Top 10 best acoustic guitar brands In The World In 2020 | List of best acoustic guitar brands

Your musical style will also depend on which type of guitar do you need. As we previously said varieties of brands offer different types, you should search with more correctly what brand will suit you more. Here are some top brands you can look for your guitar skill –

1. Taylor Guitars

Taylor is a very well-known and popular brand among musicians. This is the best mid-priced guitar brand available in the market. Taylor began its journey in the 70’s era. They have earned huge popularity since their inception in the guitar industry. Taylor guitars were founded during year 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. Taylor guitars were founded during year 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. This is the top-seller acoustic guitar in America. One thing is Taylor also produces electric guitars and some of their electric guitars are very popular. But, they are most famous for their innovative and high-quality acoustic guitar. Furthermore, Taylor gained worldwide popularity due to using exotic tonewoods. But, they always maintain their traditional craftsmanship. Such craftsmanship produces various eternal designs along with signature models. They are in the market for almost five decades and they were the among first few companies who used oak wood to build acoustic guitars.

Top 10 Best Guitar Brands In The World In 2020 | List of Best Guitar Brands
Taylor Guitars – Top 10 best acoustic guitar brands In The World In 2020 | List of best acoustic guitar brands

Currently, Taylor 200 series is the best in the market. All models under this series provide a very high-quality sound and are also available for a reasonable price. These guitars were and are still keep building one of the most durable and solid guitars around the world. The tone quality is superb for every Taylor model. This is the reason Taylor is the best in the business and the best acoustic guitar brand in the world.


1. The design is professional
2. Maintaining the craftsmanship
3. Very sturdy
4. Produce a very high-quality sound.

1. Cheap guitars are not that good to use
2. Some high-end guitars are overpriced.

2. Guild Guitars | best acoustic guitar brands In The World

This brand was founded in the 50’s era and only focused on top jazz guitars. But, things started to change with time. During the 60’s era, when the popularity of blues songs started to increase significantly, Guild took a turn. Then, they started the mass production of the electric guitar. Guild is a subsidiary of the famous Cordoba Music Group. In the 60’s era, they started to promote the famous “Starfire Line” which became a big hit among Psychedelic bands. The interesting fact about Guild is once upon a time it was the part of another famous brand Fender. The product range of Guild is so much comprehensive. For instance, they are masters in making Jazz electrics to Steel-string acoustics. They ran the show during the ’60s to 70’s era. However, their reputation has been decreased in recent times.

Top 10 Best Guitar Brands In The World In 2020 | List of Best Guitar Brands
Guild Guitars

But, Guild has still the capability to outshine many newbies in the industry due to its superb level of reliability and tone. Many prominent musicians like Eric Clapton, Brian Erickson, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters, Bryan Adams, etc. use Guild.

1. Guild was under the umbrella of Fender and now owns by Cordoba Music Group. Both are notable companies.
2. The vintage models are still outstanding.
3. Price is reasonable
4. Tone is magnificent.

1. Their acoustics are not so flexible

3. Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha is mostly popular due to its motor business. But, the truth is that they started their entrepreneurial journey by producing music materials. They first started with piano and after successfully made a huge buzz in the piano industry, they shifted their focus on building a guitar. Today, they are one of the top-notch guitar brands around the world and still going strong. Yamaha began manufacturing guitars during the 1940s. After that, they become a pioneer in this sector and consistently manufacturing guitars which have sold an astonishing number of records. Furthermore, Yamaha Music is a part of the Yamaha Corporation. Yamaha Music was established in 2008 and it’s headquarter situated in Gurgaon, Haryana. Since its establishment, Yamaha Music is producing so many musical instruments for musicians. The company supplies various innovative products through deep research and development.

Courtesy – Alamo Music Center

Hence, Yamaha Corporation is heavily involved in musical education. Their involvement in musical education labeled them as one of the most successful acoustic bands for practicing musicians. On the other hand, the notorious musicians associated with Yamaha guitars include Duran Duran, Goo Goo Dolls, Carlos Santana, etc. The guitar legend Santana owned a custom Yamaha SG175. Later, both have worked on building something new and ultimately got success by building SG2000. SG2000 became a big hit in the market. No wonder, all these reasons helped Yamaha to become one of the top 10 guitar brands in the world.

1. Reasonable rate
2. Great for the new beginners
3. Produce very good bass guitars

1. Low-budget guitars aren’t perfect for the concerts
2. Imported

4. Martin Guitars

Martin is undoubtedly the producer of high-end acoustic guitars. C. F. Martin & Company or shortly called “Martin” company is one of the biggest names in the musical instruments industry. The headquarter of this company is situated in Pennsylvania, United States. Since its establishment in 1833, they’re producing top-level guitars. Martin has introduced a new level of innovations in acoustic guitars by moving away from the traditional Spanish flavor. Apart from acoustic, they also produce various electric and bass guitars.

Hence, you’ll be able to select from an unlimited catalog of classic Martin guitars, but if you’re looking for something a bit more special and astonishing, then please check out their custom shop. You’ll get something special and something new for sure. The main shop consists of an array of various types of guitars. For instance, you’ll find the “X” series for beginners and intermediate-level players, road-series for the professionals. Moreover, you’ll also find something notable like the 15, 16, and 17 series.

Top 10 Best Guitar Brands In The World In 2020 | List of Best Guitar Brands
Martin Road series

In whatever way, these guitars are such fun to play and musicians obtain great feelings by playing these guitars. The reason is Martin’s acoustics provide a feeling of an electric guitar in their acoustic models. As this company has great and advanced models, Martin guitars are surely one of the top guitar brands in the world.

1. Not so expensive
2. Very good for the beginners and intermediate players
3. Innovative

1. Low-end models are not too consistent

5. Gibson Guitars

This is a very popular American brand. Gibson is actually a musical instruments company. The headquarter of Gibson is located in Tennessee, USA. They are the producer of high-end electric guitars and they are surely one of the best acoustic guitar brands around. At first, Gibson is known as Gibson Guitar Corp and was later renamed Gibson Brands.

Furthermore, Gibson is the father of archtop guitars. Moreover, they are the first producer of hollow body electric guitars. Some of the earliest Gibson guitar designs were the 1928 L-5 Acoustic. On the other hand, they began to modernize themselves during the 50s era and got tremendous success. They have become a spearhead in the electric guitar-making industry and their guitars are very popular with hard rock bands.

Top 10 Best Guitar Brands In The World In 2020 | List of Best Guitar Brands
Gibson Guitars

During the modern eras, Gibson has produced their signature designs like flying V and Gibson SG. There are so many prominent musicians like bands like Metallica, Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Steve Clarke, Bob Marley, etc. used the guitars of Gibson. Gibson always takes care of their products. The high-quality woods and strings always give music players utter satisfaction. As they supply very high-end sounds from the electric guitar, Gibson definitely earned a place in the list of best acoustic guitar brands in the world.

1. High-quality kinds of wood and strings
2. All the Gibson guitars manufactured in the USA
3. Outstanding electric guitar performance in metal concert.

1. Expensive
2. Lost its quality in recent decades.

6. Epiphone Guitars | best acoustic guitar brands In The World

This is an American brand that was established back in 1873. Epiphone’s headquarter is situated in Tennesse, USA. At first, they started to produce lutes and fiddles more than 140 years ago and now they are one of the top-notch musical instruments industry. Once upon a time, Epiphone was the major rival of Gibson. However, Epiphone is now owned by Gibson and is one of Gibson’s subsidiaries.

Holding an Epiphone is just like a dream for musicians. Keep in mind that, the guitars of Epiphone are limited editions. It’s not easy to acquire these guitars. They use the specifications of Gibson. Furthermore, Les Pauls, Flying VS are some of the notable models which are actually made up of Gibson elements. Some of their best models are the Casino, Sheraton/Sheraton II, and Les Paul.

Top 10 Best Guitar Brands In The World In 2020 | List of Best Guitar Brands
Epiphone Guitar

Hence, Epiphone is such a perfectionist in musical instruments and their guitars are so perfect for both beginners and professionals players. Epiphone is a master in both acoustic and electric guitars. Therefore, they definitely are one of the best in this industry.

1. Reasonable price
2. Have both qualities for amateur and pro
3. Possess a shade of Gibson.

1. Tonewoods aren’t that good
2. Les Paul sound isn’t sophisticated like Gibson’s.

7. Fender Guitars

Fender musical instruments are the main manufacturers’ guitars, amplifiers, basses, etc. From beginners to professionals, Fender has drawn immense popularity all over the world due to its charismatic models and performance. This is one of the oldest guitar brands in the guitar-making industry. Many legendary musicians and guitarists have used the guitars of this company.

Furthermore, Fender invented a solid-body electric guitar with a telecaster. After that, they began to produce acoustic guitars. Moreover, Fender presented a revolutionary new invention guitar, the Precision Bass guitar. Both of these two successes brought a revolution in music and resulted in producing modern rock combo. Fender possesses different types of patterns in their guitars. They have a very large collection of guitars that helps musicians to choose a perfect guitar for him/them. However, “Made in Mexico” is the best for beginners and also for professionals.

Courtesy – Fender

There’s another reason why this brand is so popular. They’ve drawn players from various sectors of music like R and B, Jazz-Rock Fusion, metal, pop, hard rock, etc.

1. Feasible price
2. First great electric guitar
3. A huge collection of guitars for every genre of music

1. There are modern guitars with good quality on the same budget as Fender.

8. Seagull Guitars

Seagull is a Canadian company and a magnate in producing acoustic guitars. They started their journey in 1982 and the headquarter of them situated in Quebec, Canada. They are actually the subsidiary of Godin guitar (Godin is very popular for good guitars). They bring extraordinary flavor in acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars at a very reasonable price.

Top 10 Best Guitar Brands In The World In 2020 | List of Best Guitar Brands
Seagull Guitars

Moreover, you can get a very good model of Seagull by spending only $300 to $500. Most of the models are available with Godin Quantum I electronics or the Godin Quantum II electronics. Seagull presented 7 series in their guitar lines include S6 the Original, Entourage, Coastline, Elements, Performer, Maritime SWS, and Artist. Maritime, Coastline, and Artist supply great quality of music. The beginners, who have little money to spend, should go for a Seagull.

In whatever way, top musicians like James Blunt, Michalis Hatzigiannis, etc. use Seagull guitars. All in all, Seagull is really one of the top 10 best acoustic guitar brands in the world.

1. Very affordable price
2. Quality is good
3. Tone is also good

1. The logo design isn’t that striking

9. Ibanez Guitars | best acoustic guitar brands In The World

Ibanez is a Japanese musical instrument manufacturing company. It was established in 1957 and its headquarter is located in Aichi, Japan. During its 60 years of span, they’ve made hundreds of acoustic, bass, classical, and electric guitars. Apart from guitars, they’re also giant in making instruments like Mandolins, amplifiers, banjos, etc.

Courtesy – Darrell Braun Guitar

During their initial period, they faced lawsuits due to making copies of Fender, Gibson guitars’ designs. However, they started their own project with Iceman and Roadstar series. Ibanez’s good relationship with guitar legend Steve Vai helped them to gain market remarkably. With Steve Vai, they produced signature series lines like JEM and Universe. Hence, they also produce notable series with notable musicians like Joe Satriani JS series, the K7 with Head and Munky, etc. Due to their superb quality and performance, they have a right to get a place in a top guitars company.

1. The range of guitar stock is incredible totally
2. Great craftsmanship
3. Both low-budget and high-end guitars are superb

1. Designs not that attractive

10. Jackson Guitars

This is also a top-level guitar brand. Jackson is a producer of electric guitars and electric bass guitars. This company headquarters is located in Arizona, USA. Jackson is owned by another giant company Fender and it has production facilities in various parts of the world. Jackson is very popular with metal bands and metal players. Due to its dominating sound system, metal players use it for them. Def Leppard, Megadeth, Ace of Base, etc. bands and musicians use the Jackson brand.

Top 10 Best Guitar Brands In The World In 2020 | List of Best Guitar Brands
Jackson Guitars

1. Very dominant sound
2. Perfect for metal music

1. Price is too high

There are too many guitar brands in the market. However, these are the perfect brands we can assure our readers. Various types of guitars build with different models and sound capabilities. Musicians have the luxury to choose from a wide array of options. They can choose which type of guitars match their style of music. So, what are your opinions towards the best acoustic guitar brands? Feel free to comment in the comment box.

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