Top 10 World’s Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2022

Top 10 World's Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2020

Over the last decade, the value of tech giants has been increasing like a bullet train. This pattern will only go up day by day because these giants continue offering their customers brand new offers with new innovative technology. Their contributions to human life are only getting stronger. Therefore, this sector producing rich people and attract investors like a magnet. Here we want to discuss the top 10 world’s biggest IT and software companies in the world in 2020. So, let’s begin the discussion on the world’s biggest IT and software companies.

Top 10 World’s Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2022

Truth to be told, tech companies are the major drivers of the economical growth in recent years. Technology has changed the overall lifestyle of people. Now, people have a new way to communicate, talk, shop, socialize and work. If we say in a broader way, the technology sector has engaged in multiple ways of research, development, producing various tech things and appliances. As a result, the importance of them has been grown so much over the years. Here, we will check out the world’s biggest IT and software companies.

1. Microsoft

Industry – Personal Computers, Cloud computing, Consumer electronics, Computer software, etc. 

$1.04 trillion

Headquarter – Redmond, Washington, USA

One of the oldest tech company who’s journey incepted at mid 70’s era. Revolutionary businessman and tech genius Bill Gates founded this company who changed the tech world through his legendary concept. Today, Microsoft is the most valuable IT and software companies in the world in 2020. Moreover, it is also one of the most expensive companies in the world too. The market capitalization of this company is almost over $1 trillion.

Bill Gates wanted to built a computer as more fun, easy experience, and user-friendly. This is why he used his intuitiveness in the personal computer project. For this reason, the PC is now available in the world. This project got bumper success. After that, Microsoft never looked back and established itself as the top giant in IT business. Microsoft has provided an array of services like servers, intellectual gadgets, mobile phones, and apps, etc. Its most commonly known software is – Windows Explorer, Microsoft Edge, MS Office Suite, etc.

Top 10 World's Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2020
Microsoft is deservedly earned its first spot

However, they are now set their sights in more innovative technologies like machine learning, AI projects, etc. No wonder, why they are the biggest IT and software companies in the world in 2020.

2. Apple

Industry – Online services, Consumer electronics, Computer software, etc. 

$931 billion

Headquarter – Cupertino, California, USA

This superb company needs no introduction. Their name is enough. Their logo is enough. The revolutionary innovator Steve Jobs founded it and made it one of the largest tech companies in the world. After his death, new CEO Tim Cook is carrying the legacy and it continues although they lost popularity in recent years. Just watch the film of 2015 ‘’Steve Jobs’’ and take some idea of the beginnings of Apple. They first built successful personal computers. After personal computers, they are the first company that brought touch screen and revolutionary phone called ‘’iPhone’’. iPhone is the main conductor of why they are one of the world’s biggest IT and software companies.

Although Apple is the second-largest IT and software company in the world, they are still the most profitable digital company with a staggering revenue of $260.2 billion.

Top 10 World's Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2020
Apple maintaining its aristocracy in style

Furthermore, Apple has millions of dedicated fans on its own. These fans are totally vivid Apple fans and you can see it during the launch of Apple products. Currently, Apple is also manufacturing watches, speakers, earphones along with old products like tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. No wonder why Apple is one of the top 10 world’s most valuable technology companies in 2020.

3. Amazon

Industry – e-commerce, cloud computing, consumer electronics

$888 billion

Headquarter – Seattle, USA is the largest online retailer company in the world. Creative innovator Jeff Bezos is the founder of this company. The starting of this tech mogul started in a garage in the mid 90’s era. On top of that, Jeff Bezos was a middle-class man back then. Now, they have one of the most attractive office places and Jeff Bezos is currently the number 1 richest person in the world while Amazon is one of the world’s biggest IT and software companies. Furthermore, Amazon exploded in various sectors like groceries, artificial intelligence, etc.

Top 10 World's Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2020
Amazon’s owner is the richest person in the earth right now and the company has become dominant

On the other hand, Amazon’s stocks are very expensive as one of the Amazon shares is nearly $2000. They have the top-level cloud computing platform and Alexa-enabled devices now reach tens of millions of households around the globe. Besides, they have 1000 prime members. Amazon’s cloud computing service helps to develop start-ups, government institutions, etc. Therefore, it’s easy to guess why its in the top 10 software companies in world: 2020.

4. Alphabet

Industry – R and D, Biotechnology, electronic products

$818 billion

Headquarter – Mountain View, California, USA

The parent owner of the search engine giant Google. Larry Page and Sergei Brin started their revolutionary venture in a garage just like Amazon where they collected lots of information and gathered them. After so many hardships and patience finally, they succeeded. After that, Google becomes an elephant in the tech world. Meanwhile, the two founders of Google ended up creating Alphabet – a new parent company for Google to take off of pressure from Google.

Additionally, almost every internet user in the world knows Google. Google is the most popular search engine in the world and probably the most popular name in the web world. As YouTube is the most popular video sharing site, Alphabet earns a huge amount of marketers’ traditional TV ad budgets.

Top 10 World's Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2020
Google’s parent company Alphabet will dominate the decades to come

Currently, Google is earning from many points. Google is starting e-commerce name Google Shopping, smartphone venture with Google Pixel, speaker, Chrome cast, web browser, driverless cars, stake in Uber – the earning source has been expanding significantly for Alphabet Inc. This is the reason Google has a position in the top 10 largest IT companies in the world.

5. Facebook

Industry – Social media, Social networking service

$525 billion

Headquarter – Menlo Park, California

If one thing is equal to our basic needs – that is Facebook! Undoubtedly! People of all generations are using Facebook all around the world. If you want to watch in closer depth – just watch a film name ‘’The Social Network’’. This film depicted how a young group of people from Harvard University brought this social network idea and eventually won for the theft of their untouched idea.

Additionally, Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. However, 2018 and 2019 were difficult years for Facebook as they’ve faced various lawsuits in those years. But, end of the day, they come back stronger. Furthermore, more than 1 billion people visit Facebook on a daily basis. This is the picture of how much popular they are. Facebook has expanded its business. Mark Zuckerberg owned company has acquired social sites like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

Top 10 World's Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2020
The social media giant has most fans around the globe among IT and software companies

Moreover, they are also investing in mobile platforms as well as AI programs. All in all, Facebook is surely one of the top 10 information technology companies in world.

6. Alibaba Group Holding

Industry – Internet, e-commerce, cloud computing, etc. 

$449 billion

Headquarter – Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

This company branded as ‘’Chinese Amazon’’. Alibaba produced the highest value initial public offering in American history. The founder of Alibaba – Jack Ma, is one of the most inspirational, influential people in the World. He is also one of the richest people in China, as well as in the world.

Consequently, Alibaba has been founded in 1999 in China. Since then, they have amazed the world with their sheer charisma. It is not only a giant in e-commerce in recent years. Alibaba has grown into an elephant in consumer business, web-portal based business services, entertainment area, etc. The retail and supermarket businesses also take them into new heights.

Top 10 World's Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2020
Chinese e-commerce Alibaba is progressing rapidly in the world IT market

Moreover, its affiliate Ant Financial has increasingly become one of the most successful fintech companies in the world. It owns and operates a lot of businesses in various sectors in the world. The way Alibaba is growing, it has a great chance to establish itself as the number 1 e-commerce giant in the near future. That’s the biggest reason Alibaba is one of the top 10 largest IT service provider companies in the world.

7. Tencent Holdings Ltd

Industry – Artificial Intelligence, Entertainment, Internet-related products

$400 billion

Headquarter – Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Tencent has become a giant in Asia’s technological sectors. As a result, they earned a place in the top 10 lists of the biggest companies. However, Tencent is still yet to a breakthrough in the American market. Tencent is a Chinese company and it has an array of businesses like web portal, e-commerce, payment system, internet services, etc. The popularity of Tencent is immense in recent times.

For example, Tencent’s message sharing site WeChat is one of the most popular in message sharing sectors. More than 1 billion people use Tencent’s service every day. Moreover, they are also pioneering in the entertainment field. Tencent solely owns the right to distribute James Bond, Star Wars franchise in China. They earned a huge profit from this sector every year.

Top 10 World's Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2020
Tencent is slowly dominating

However, the current US-China tensions could be a problem for Tencent. But, they are still one of the top 10 largest IT companies in the world.

8. Samsung Electronics

Industry – Consumer electronics, home appliances, aircraft engineering

$243 billion

Headquarter – Yeongtong District, Suwon, South Korea

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics in the world in terms of revenue. If Apple is the boss in the US and Europe, then Samsung is the boss of the Asian region. They are still the most fearsome opponent of Apple, especially in the mobile business. The popular Galaxy smartphones and tablets made it blockbuster in the market.

Top 10 World's Biggest IT and Software Companies In The World In 2020
Samsung will stay on top for upcoming decades for sure

Moreover, a big part of Samsung’s overall revenue comes from its smartphone business. The company has three technological divisions – Consumer Electronics, Information Technology & Mobile Communications, and Device Solutions. Samsung is currently at the peak of its five-decades journey. So, it’s clear that Samsung is in top 10 software companies in world: 2020.

9. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Industry – semiconductors

$230.94 billion

Headquarter – Hsinchu, Taiwan

This is a very brand new name on this list. TSMC has taken over Cisco’s place from the top 10 list. Besides, TSMC is also decreasing the dominance of Silicon Valley. TSMC has become the world’s largest semiconductor in the world right now. For instance, most of the world’s consumer electronics, automotive, medical, industrial elements are using its materials.

Courtesy – BBC

Furthermore, among the company’s clients are Advanced Micro Devices, Broadcom Inc., Nvidia, and Qualcomm. Currently, TSMC has offices in many parts of the world. Therefore, TSMC has a right to earn a place in the top 10 world’s most valuable technology companies in 2020.

10. Intel Corp

Industry – Semiconductor

$206 billion

Headquarter – Santa Clara, California, U.S.

Intel Corporation is another semiconductor company on this elite list. Intel rose to its fame in the 90’s era. The semiconductor chips of Intel started making chips for computers at that time. However, smartphones and tablets slowly took over computer dominance and Intel also lost its glory. But, it still one of the top dogs in business and rightfully earned its place in the top 10 largest IT companies in the world.

Courtesy – Intel

In addition, it’s pretty much clear to see most of the top-notch tech companies owned by the US. But, China is emerging in a great way too. On the other hand, there are so many companies from Asia are preparing to challenge the USA in the tech industry. So, we will probably see a change of baton in the next few decades in the tech industry.

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