Now- a -days Sunglass is becoming a heavy trendsetter for all ages. Eyeglass or branded sunglasses are not only for style but to protect from heavy sunlight. It has a variety of sizes, models. Every year, different brands produce different styles of sunglasses. Let’s discuss Top branded sunglasses in the world that rule the current market.

The popularity of eyeglass or sunglasses brands growth in the market

Source: statista
Source: Statista

1. Ray-Ban

A very familiar name among shade fans. They started their venture in 1930 when they produced their first-ever sunglass named ‘’aviator’’. Their next edition called ‘’Pilot’’ got a huge market, which they mainly produced for military use. This Italian giant can protect you from the heavy shades of sunlight. They got huge popularity during the 80’s era when blockbuster films like ‘’Top Gun’’, ‘’Risky Business’’ got released.  They produce glasses for both male and female and their shades costs around 150-200 dollars. For their expensiveness & popularity, we kept Rayban on our list of top branded sunglasses.

Rayban | Top branded sunglasses
Rayban | Top branded sunglasses

2. Oakley Incorporation

California-based company Oakley Incorporation is mainly famed for manufacturing lifestyle and sportswear-type products. They are originally a subsidiary of the Italian company Luxottica based in Milan. They actually come into the sunglass market to compete with the Italian brand ‘’Ray-Ban’’ in the 90’s era.

The most alluring matter of their shades is these shades can bend in different styles and their glasses are heavy stylish. They also produce glasses for men and women and cost you around 75 – 300 dollars.

3. Maui Jim (branded sunglasses)

Fashion and manufacturing company Maui Jim started their venture in the 80’s era. They are not a full-time Sunglass manufacturing company like their competitor Oakley Corporation. Since their inception in Sunglass manufacturing, they mainly produced oceanic type glass which suits people in seaside places rather than common streets.

Maui Jim | the branded sunglasses
Maui Jim | the branded sunglasses

Their special model ‘’Hawaii Sunglass’’ was made by themselves to remember their starting place in Hawaii. They produce sunglass for both males and females. Though they mainly produced glasses for oceanic type places, currently, they change their strategy and producing glasses for any place. The Maui Jim glasses will cost you around 100 to 200 bucks. For their rapid spread of popularity, we kept Maui Jim in our list of top branded sunglasses .

4.Prada Eyewear

Prada is a very common name for fashion-conscious people. It is one of the most luxurious Italian fashion houses which can give you glasses with modern styles and designs. The different types of designs can blow your mind. Almost all Prada Eyewear glasses are spectacular and mind-blowing. They also produce glasses for both males and females, but their glasses for females are more popular. Prada Eyewear will cost you around 100 to 600 bucks.


5. Sunglasses- persol

Sunglasses Persol is one of the oldest manufacturing companies of sunglasses. It is currently owned by Luxottica Group. Their first-time glasses and lenses were made for athletes and aviators.

Persol is an Italian name that means ‘’for the sun’’. These glasses are actually produced to protect the eyes from sunlight. They have a trademark ‘’silver arrow’’ style on their glasses which basically represents them to the world. You have to count 100 to 250 dollars to buy these Italian glasses.

6. Tom Ford 

Tom Ford is a very intelligent and pragmatist person who is very famous due to his phenomenal fashion designing and directorial venture in Hollywood Film Industry. Once he was working for another Italian well-known company ‘’Gucci’’. Before his joining Gucci, Gucci struggled with the market and found it at very dismaying moments at that time. Then, he was hired by Gucci’s Creative Director Dawn Mello and everything begins to change. He has started his own journey in the glass market in 2006 and it is doing pretty well till now. You have to spend 150 to 300 bucks for their glasses.

Tomford | sunglasses brands
Tomford | sunglasses brands

7. Gucci 

This is a very common name for fashion lovers. Gucci is an Italian brand that produces luxury fashion products along with leather goods. Gucci inaugurated its journey from the 90’s era, but they got more attention and market from the late ’90s. Since then, they have become a giant company and established themselves as one of the most decorated fashion design companies in the world. Their specialty lies in their making, designing, framing everywhere. They produce glasses for both males and females. Their shades will cost you around 150 to 450 bucks.

8+Top branded sunglasses in the world that you should know

8. Emporio Armani 

Armani is another common name for fashion lovers just like Gucci. It is also an Italian brand. Fashion and Italy go in the same sentence. Armani is a modern trendsetter in the sunglass industry. They always produce the most fitting and modern glasses for users. In the beginning, they produced glasses for different defense organizations, but they’re currently producing glasses for both men and women. The costs of their glasses are 75 to 200 dollars.

Armani-sunglasses brands
Armani- sunglasses brands


Versace is another famous luxury fashion brand from Italy. They started their venture in the late ’70s. You can find different designs of glasses for them. Women’s glasses are more attractive than men’s. Versace glasses will cost you around 100 to 200 dollars.

8+Top branded sunglasses in the world that you should know

10.Dolce and Gabbana 

The last name is also from Italy. Dolce and Gabbana is also a fashion house that is notorious for its languishing fashion products around the world. Their designs, colors, the lens has different types of styles. They mainly give priority to ‘’framing’’ which becomes their trademark.

8+Top branded sunglasses in the world that you should know

Either branded sunglasses or eyeglasses can help you to protect your skin from the sun and helps you to prevent various skin diseases. It’s also a huge tool for young generations for a stylish appearance. You just have to choose which fits you the most and which kind of glasses makes you more stylish.

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