8+ Top sports brands around the world

Maybe you’re an athlete or maybe you’re just a fan of sports. You should be aware of these brands who are the main orchestra tors behind the world’s biggest games event or sportswear. Here we are presenting top sportswear branding popularity in worldwide market.

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1. Nike

Nike Inc.(sports nike)is a multinational corporation which manufactures and design sportswear, apparels, sport equipments, etc. Sports nike have staggering 70000 employees all over the world.

Sports Nike
Sports Nike- Top sports brands around the world

ld and they’re also one of the biggest brands as well as famous for their innovative marketing strategy, array of popular products around the world. Sports Nike was formed in 1964, at first their name was Blue Ribbons and they eventually named the company as ‘’Nike’’ since 1971. The name ‘’Nike’’ came from a Greek goddess. When it’s come to the matter of standard and quality Nike is second to none. Their swoosh logo as well as their slogan ‘’Just do it’’ earned them high reputation across the world. Sports Nike has been sponsored stars like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, Neymer, Michael Jordan as well as lots of clubs and national teams.


But among the most popular sports figure Roger Federer & Tiger Woods are the highest endorser for Sports Nike branding.

Endorsement from athletes for Sports Nike
Endorsement for Sports Nike

As Nike’s majority of earning from sports & athletes that’s why Nike invests lot’s of money for Sports Nike branding. One of advertise on 2014 they made “Winner Stays On — Nike Risk Everything” campaign that brought almost 13% more revenue during world cup.

Check out that video

Winner Stays On — Nike Risk Everything Clip

2. Adidas

Adidas is a Germany based world’s sports giant, which also manufactures and design sportswear, shoes, apparels etc. like Nike. Adidas has over 50000 employees all over the world and their sophisticated and revolutionary styles earned them as sporting giants in the sports world.

sportswear branding-Adidas
Top sports brands around the world-Adidas

Brands like Reebok, Matix are their subsidiaries. They have sponsored lots of sports competition as well as many athletes, clubs and national teams. Adidas was the official sponsor of the football world cup and they also represented teams like Real Madrid, Milan, Manchester United. Sporting personalities like Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Andy Murray, Xavi Hernandez, Marcelo, Sachin Tendulkar etc. are their brand ambassador and famous artists like Justin Bieber, Jet Li, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry etc. are also represented Adidas.

3. DKS (Top sports brands around the world)

The full meaning of DKS is Dick’s Sporting Goods. It is an American sporting company based in Pennsylvania. DSK has flabbergasting 25000 employees in their cauldron and it getting increases day by day as their popularity also increasing rapidly.

sportswear branding-DKS
sportswear branding-DKS

DKS formed in 1948 and they now have more than six hundred stores in all over the America. They also have various high level subsidiaries like Affinity Sports, Golf Galaxy, etc. After their inauguration, they have sponsored lots of sporting events and sports teams. They keep investing in every kind of media, commercials and advertisements to continue their business growth.

4. Puma

Puma is a German sportswear manufacturing company.

sportswear branding
One of the top sports brands around the world-Puma

After splitting from Adidas this company was growing larger and eventually established themselves as one of the major international brands all over the world. With almost 11000 employees Puma dominated the sporting world by its stunning sporting projects. They have such an astounding marketing strategy and their products are sold in more than one hundred

countries. Top sporting personalities like Cesc Fabregas, Antoine Griezzman, Hector Bellerin, Luis Suarez, Virat Kohli, Brendan Mccullum, Rickie Flower, Usain Bolt etc. are sponsored by Puma. They also sponsored teams like Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund etc. They have a vast array of products for different fields. Motorsports, lifestyles, training, football, golf, etc. are some of the fields Puma making people’s life easier.

5. UnderArmour

UnderArmour is a Baltimore based USA brand. Although its head office is in Baltimore but it also has offices in various places like New York, Amsterdam etc.

8+ Top sports brands around the world
under armour sportswear-A top sports brands by sale

Over the past few years, Under Armour sportswear got huge popularity among people. It acquired various sporting companies as well as fitness app products. It produces T-shirts, hoodies, caps, jackets, etc. things which are vastly used in the sporting world. Under Armour sportswear has lots of famous celebrities to endorse their brand.

Under Armour sportswear from 2013 they started to capture attention for the mobile apps user.The no. of useer raised recent few years.That app helps Under Armour sportswear to take place in giant positon in the stock market.


Under armour sportswear
Under armour sportswear-Stock

Under Armour took giant place in 2013-2015 after launching their phone application. That placed the first position on 2013 servey. They kept behind Adidas & Asics.

6. Reebok (a top sports brands )

Reebok is an English footwear and apparel company.

sportswear branding-Reebok
Reebok logo with Old look & New Look- Another top sports brands around the world

It is a subsidiary of German sporting giant Adidas. The main headquarter of Reebok is in Boston, USA but it also has regional headquarters at various parts of the world. Their footwear made revolution in footwear sector and their different kinds of footwear and apparels for different sports are widely popular among the mass.

7. New Balance

Founded in 1948 at Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance Athletics, Inc. has grown a huge dominating brand in the sports arena.It is one of the largest footwear brands. Although their footwear is mostly recognizable, but they’re producing various products like sportswear, apparel, cricket equipments, etc. They are highly involved in various sports and some of the higher level Tennis players are endorsing their brand in the global stage.

8. Converse

Converse is a shoe company founded in the USA.

A top athletic brands
A top athletic brands- CONVERSE

The first pair of Basketball shoes made by Converse. The quality of Converse is no less than top leading brands like Nike, Adidas or Puma. Since their journey from 1908, more than one millennium, they manufacture a vast array of footwear for various purposes like skating, apparel, trekking, cycling etc.

9. K – Swiss (A top athletic brands)

This company was founded by two Swiss brothers.

8+ Top sports brands around the worldThey had interests in the Tennis game and ultimately built pair of leather boots. They become one of the top companies in the sports and achieve enormous success of their innovative styles and projects.

10. Asics

Asics is a Japanese company which got recognition due to their superb marketing styles and customer service policy.

8+ Top sports brands around the worldThey achieved success by sponsoring Australian Cricket team and they offers various ranges of products. Customers can change their products if they didn’t satisfy with the products they buy.

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