Try This Amazing Trick For Your Organs

Try This Amazing Trick For Your Organs

Press The Forefinger For 60 Seconds: Try This Amazing Trick For Your Organs – 

Ever heard of reflexology?

If not, well, I’m about to change your life.

For years, people have sworn by the practice of reflexology. In fact, rather annoyingly, they won’t stop gushing about it. Following the adage “If you can’t beat them, join them,” I thought, “Oh well! Why not?” It’s actually a great idea, isn’t it? In whatever way, I promptly submerged myself in reflexology and made some very surprising discoveries.

Hold Up, What’s Reflexology?

Hold Up, What’s Reflexology

In a nutshell, reflexology is the application of pressure on specific regions of your ears, feet, and hands to alleviate stress. Reflexology is based on the principle that every single part of the human body is connected through the nerves to the feet, hands, and ears.

Hence, its practitioners believe that by calming the peripheral nerves located in the body’s extremities, they can exert the calm upon the central nervous system, which, in turn, signals your body to a semblance of overall relaxation. Once stress is reduced, the internal organs can enter a state of optimum functioning (1).

Reflexology was actually discovered in 1890 by Sir Charles Sherrington and Sir Henry Head, whose research showed that a neurological link existed between our skin and internal organs. Moreover, proponents of reflexology believe that applying pressure to specific areas of our skin can have an impact on our organs as well as our overall health.

The National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute have funded several studies to test the validity of reflexology. Most of these studies indicate that reflexology practice could actually reduce symptoms of pain, anxiety, and depression (2). It was also found to successfully enhance sleep and relaxation (3).

Err, How’s That Any Different From A Massage?/Try This Amazing Trick For Your Organs

A massage is the systematic manipulation of our soft tissues using a variety of specific maneuvers, such as kneading, tapping, friction, and stroking, to relax our muscles.

Reflexology, on the other hand, works from the “inside out”. A reflexologist, using unique movements, will focus on the map of how specific skin areas correlate to internal organs. Their micro-movements have the goal of creating a response through your entire body and not just specific muscle groups.

You Said Benefits. How Do I Reap Them?

You Said Benefits. How Do I Reap Them

Yes, I did! Well, all reflexology practitioners use a body map to give them an idea of where to apply pressure. The following is a list of benefits you can derive by practicing specific hand reflexology maneuvers. Let’s try this amazing trick for your organs.

1. For Constipation Or Stomach Aches/ Try This Amazing Trick For Your Organs

Are you suffering from painful stomach cramps or constipation? Press and massage the midsection of your forefinger for 60 seconds. It happens to be connected to your colon and stomach.

2. To Reduce Headaches

2. To Reduce Headaches

The tips of your thumbs and other four fingers are points that, once stimulated, can have an impact on regions of your head and temple. Hence, by gently kneading and massaging the tips of all your fingers, you could gradually decrease the pain of a powerful headache or an imminent migraine.

3. To Reduce Back Pain 

Hand reflexology is frequently utilized by patients suffering from debilitating pain. The skin located at the back of your wrists, along with the skin on the sides of your hands around the region of your thumbs, are both linked to your back. Hence, the next time you suffer from a backache, try gently massaging the areas of your wrist joint and thumb.

4. To Reduce Shoulder Pain

4. To Reduce Shoulder Pain

It is possible to reduce the symptoms of shoulder pain through the practice of hand reflexology. All you require to do is concentrate on all the three joints present on each finger as well as the two joints of your thumb. Gently massage them in a clockwise manner from left to right.

5. To Reduce Allergies

Gently apply steady pressure on the flesh part of the topside of your inner palms. This is linked to the extra blood circulation to the throat region and nasal passage, which can alleviate allergy symptoms.

6. To Reduce Neck Pressure

6. To Reduce Neck Pressure

Suffering from pressure in your neck? Gently massage the region below the tips of each of your fingers, i.e., the first segment of each finger.

7. To Open Up Sinuses

Clogged sinuses can produce a rather debilitating pain, which a majority of people suffer from. The next time you suffer from blocked sinuses, slowly massage the entire length of each of your fingers and pay extra attention to the tips. This can allegedly help improve the circulation to your ears and facial region.

It’s ok to be a cynic when it comes to reflexology. After all, science hasn’t been able to provide concrete evidence to back up the more specific diseases that reflexology claims to cure. However, when you’re in the throes of pain that refuses to recede, why not give reflexology a try? There’s not much to lose and everything to win. Best of luck!


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