15 types of girls not to date & you should avoid

15 types of girls not to date & you should avoid

Finding love is undoubtedly difficult. When we look around, seems like on the planet there was not a single normal lonely person left. By the way, Often the date passes approximately like this: you meet someone attractive, read several times or talk on the phone, walk a couple of times, and pretend you do not notice who she/he really is. Until you get bored and decide to get it over with. Hence after reviewing some relationships and breakups lovers- figure out, which types of girls not to date & you should avoid

When it comes to meetings, everything looks as if everyone wants to blame the man, in fact, women are also wrong, if not worse. Men, like women, have the right to be vulnerable, and often they do not know what to keep in mind in order to avoid scuffles.

Referring to the matter of facts in relationships, here we outlined- 15 types of girls not to date & who should be avoided. Of course, there are exceptions to these rules, but more often than not. These types of women are nothing more than drama. Well, men, welcome! Also, pay attention to article 15 of the signs that your girlfriend uses you (and you do not even guess).


types of girls to avoid-demanding girl
types of girls not to the date-demanding girl

Let’s explain one thing: there is a difference between understanding what you want as a girl, and requirements. Demanding women are rarely satisfied. Many men are attracted to this type because they seem self-confident. However, after spending time with one of these ladies, men usually find out how difficult it is to be with a demanding woman.

Such girls always want and expect more. They have their own rules that the guys must respect in their relationships, and frankly, they are harassing the strong half of humanity. At one point, overwhelming demands are becoming too much, and men, realizing this, are running, rushing headlong.


14. LAZY

types of girls to avoid-Lazy girl
types of girls not to date-Lazy girl

Laziness is one of the least attractive qualities any person can have. By ” lazy girls ” are meant not those that like to lie on the couch, watching TV programs with pleasure, but girls with a lack of ambition and motivation. Independent and self-sufficient women in our society are those who completely rely on men and need them. A girl with work, social life, and hobbies is the exact opposite of the one described above.

Lazy girls lack the above qualities. Instead, they live life without any desire to reach any heights and improve themselves. From there you need to stay away because, in the end, they will be lazy even when it comes to caring for children and the house, not to mention the formation of a career.
And laziness is unlikely to disappear with time.



the girl closes her lips with her hands-girls to avoid before relationships
the girl closes her lips with her hands-types of girls, not to date & you should avoid

Everyone accuses men of being liars, but in fact, girls lie the same. Let’s find out one thing: liars, whether they are men or women, are the worst people for communication. Lies do not usually say ” sweet truth “, they cheat constantly. Typically, liars have ulterior motives, and they should not be trusted, but most do not even feel deceit until a strong relationship is established.

Girls who lie often do something in the shade and usually draw in other people. Many liars do it again to be in the spotlight, get a financial gain or just win in a quarrel. Regardless of their considerations, the fact remains. They continue to lie to you, and it’s not cool. Pay attention to article 5 of the signs that your girlfriend is lying to you.



girl and two guys-girls to avoid before relationships
girl and two guys-types of girls to avoid & not to date

Everyone knows this type of girl. Breaking with one immediately meets with another. One should not trust ” serial odnolyubam “, especially girls. They want to find themselves. It’s almost desperate for fear of loneliness, which most of these women exude. A person who is comfortable be by himself, usually the type of people who want to adhere to in this world.

Women’s independence is sexy. And a girl who has never been alone, who moves from one relationship to another, is a red flag for men who need to take a closer look to make sure he is not one of her men’s lineup. This does not mean that many people are deprived of independence. But they are like warnings to delay in the relationship if it comes to such girls.



girl friends-girls to avoid before relationships
girl friends-types of girls not to date & you should avoid

If the girl does not stay in one group of friends, but constantly changes the “crew”, then this is hardly a good sign. As a rule, these women are difficult to keep close. Friendship differs from romantic relationships in the sense that friends learn to put up for many years.

Therefore, if a woman did not have a long friendship, she probably has not had the best disposition toward people. It should not be confused with those individuals that have a lot of new acquaintances, which is a good sign. Worry about those who constantly change friends.



(types of girls not to date & you should avoid)

sad girl
To begin with, men tend to be such a type of girl, because they think they can help. That’s what they do. However, as time goes on, dramatism intensifies and grows into something more that no one can cope with. This is the type of girl who loves sacrifice rather than the guy himself.

In fact, such women should look for a nanny. Sooner or later, no matter how good a girl is, she starts annoying a man. In the end, he gets bored and he decides that such capricious ladies are not worth the headache. So make decisions already in the early stages of communication.



Lonly girl | types of girls not to date & you should avoid
Lonely girl | types of girls not to date & you should avoid

We will explain. Girls are full of drama, so it’s normal to have friends of the opposite sex. However, if a girl does not have a girlfriend, it is a signal. The girlfriends have more rights and opportunities, so when a lady of friends only men, it’s suspicious.

This is not an excuse not to meet, but one should carefully think over the solutions. Girls who hang out only with men become more hidden and restrained, so avoid contact with friends. There is a reason that the ladies communicate only with the opposite sex and, as a rule, these are troubles in life.



man with dog | Type of girls to avoid before relationships
man with dog | Type of types of girls not to date & you should avoid

If a girl hates your pets, you should not go with her even on a first date. Pets are practically a continuation of you, family members. And if the interested girl does not share your love for pets, do not overestimate the chances with her. The way your half and animals react to each other can talk about a lot.

Pet owners tend to talk to each other about their pets, so you need to let the girl know how important animals are to you. And if she treats her pet badly, it does not show her best side. Of course, not everyone loves animals, but if you love them, then find the best half that will support you in this.



the girl hugs the man | Type of girls to avoid before relationships
the girl hugs the man | types of girls to avoid & not to date

Being friends with your friends is one thing, but being friends with all your ex-boyfriends is a bit sociopathic. This is an indicative sign that to the girl you are dating, there are several questions. First, when we say friends, we mean walking and spending time together. It looks like a relationship, only without the sex.

The problem in this situation is that, as a rule, these types of women still have feelings for their former. In any case, this is not what you want to be mixed up with. Situations like this have their own dramas and usually end badly. And yes, you will most likely remain friends.



girls in the club | Type of girls to avoid before relationships
girls in the club | Type of types of girls not to date & you should avoid

It is obvious. With party people a lot of problems, and do not consult them to meet. Yes. This is very interesting. Such girls, as a rule, are carefree, cheerful, and, above all, devilishly hot. That’s why so many guys fall into this trap. Especially because men, like women, think that they can change their mate, but in fact, it rarely works.

Party people like attention, that’s why they always walk. “Sunday Warrior” means that you relax at parties only on weekends, but when we talk about party girls, we mean a girl who, in fact, lives in a club. She gets high from disguises, drunkenness, and intrigues with strange men. Even if this girl is in a relationship, her dependence on nightlife will continue to be with her, and you better believe that this will lead to problems.



the girl is justified | avoid before relationships with Girls
the girl is justified | types of girls not to date

Her phone was dead, there was no network, she was overloaded with work, she had traumatic relationships. All this is some excuse that the girl will use to throw you. This is the same girl who never acknowledges her bad behavior and instead accuses someone else of making herself feel uncomfortable.

This is the oldest manipulation, and if you have a relationship with such a girl, it’s better to tear them up. A woman, or even a person who is not responsible for their behavior, is the person whose communication is best avoided. Such people will put pressure on pity, instead of simply asking for forgiveness.



Nowadays, all are dependent on mobile phones, especially girls. From the constant use of social networks, a girl who always sits on her phone never enjoys what is happening around her. The term “live today” is difficult to imagine in modern society, because everyone is so busy with documentation at every moment of their lives that they forget to accept the world around them.

Dating crazy women -over talk on phone
15 types of girls not to date & you should avoid-Over talking on the phone



girl and two men | Type of girls to avoid before relationships
girl and two men | Type of types of girls not to date & you should avoid

If a woman has never worked, there are only two things that she will do to survive. First, it is still completely financially dependent on its parents, which does not appeal at all. Especially when the girl, having received money, goes shopping around.

Or she has people, usually men, who support her way of life, while she manipulates them. A woman who worked for what she has is much more attractive than a woman who gets everything in vain.



girl and man | Type of girls to avoid before relationships
girl and man | Type of types of girls not to date & you should avoid

If you think that a girl is playing games with you, most likely you should turn around and leave. Let’s evaluate real, games for children. As an adult, if you love someone, you must be honest and say what you think. You do not like someone? Cool, do it, because everyone deserves honesty in communication.

When someone plays games with you, most likely they just use you for their own reasons. Maybe the girl loves attention, or maybe she is trying to get another person jealous. Your true partner, one with whom you can meet with joy with old age, and not play games.



rough girl-Dating crazy women
types of girls not to the date-rough girl

When you start dating a girl, there are certain things that you need to pay attention to. One of the most important things is how it relates to those around it. Many men choose to ignore certain warning signs.

When you are on a date, you need to start with how the girl relates to the waiters, drivers, bartenders. Pay attention to such trifles as if she says thank you to you when you hold the door for her, or if she says please when she asks for something.

Politeness is always in vogue. This is a quality that every person should strive to develop, however, unfortunately, not everyone thinks so. If your partner is rude at the beginning of your relationship, imagine what will happen in a year!

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